Instructor, English
Faculty of Arts and Sciences
School of Humanities

604.986.1911 ext. 2403
Fir Building, room FR 404


PhD, English, University of California, 2001.

MA, English, University of California, 1993.

BA, Mathematics, University of California, 1991.


Carlos Reyes (PhD, University of California, 2001) teaches writing, literature and visual culture (including comics and film). His current research and writing interests are focused on developing an embodied eudaemonic ethics contrapuntally composing strands of ethical investigation and experimentation from Buddhism, Spinoza, cognitive science and others.

My teaching interests include modern and contemporary literature, experimental writing, hybrid genres, visual culture (including comics and film), intermediality (the cross-fertilization of different media), philosophy (especially ethics), cognitive science and Buddhism.

My current research is focused on ethics and eudaimonia.

Academic Publications

Reyes, Carlos. Film Noirs Dark Secret or What Does the Hysteric Want? Canadian Journal of Film Studies, vol.19, no. 1, pp. 75-88, 2010.

Reyes, Carlos. From Nostalgia to Nirvana: A Buddhist Epistemological Approach to Diasporic Literary Forms, Kritika Kultura, vol. 12, pp. 90-99, 2009.

Reyes, Carlos. Greekjew Is Jewgreek: Ulyssess Irish Odyssey, Phantom Sentences, edited by Robert S. Kawashima and Gilles Philippe, Peter Lang, pp. 397-409, 2008.

Creative Nonfiction Publications

Reyes, Carlos. Wh S Nl ght nm nt? West Coast Line, vol. 43, no. 3, pp. 12-21, 2010.

Reyes, Carlos. The Fall and Rise of Nobody's America, FragLit, Spring 2010.

Reyes, Carlos. How to Make a Mazemap: Notes for an Impossible Poem, FragLit, Fall 2009.

Reyes, Carlos. Monster Fugue, FragLit, Fall 2008.

Reyes, Carlos. Letters to Strangers and the Dead, FragLit, Spring 2008.

Reyes, Carlos. Fragments on Fragments, FragLit, Fall 2007.

Reyes, Carlos. Mazemapping, In Pieces, edited by Olivia Dresher, Impassio Press, pp. 168-81, 2006.

Reyes, Carlos. Becoming is Becoming and Food Chain, Maganda Magazine, pp. 9-15, 74-77, 2005.

Reyes, Carlos. Spanking the Monkey, Del Sol Review, Winter 2005.