Program Highlights

Gain the skills and abilities you’ll need start a career in communication, or to move on to upper level university courses in communication studies.

The Communication Studies Diploma is a two-year, 60-credit program that provides a foundation for students who are aiming at careers in:

  • journalism
  • public, community and government affairs
  • media relations
  • radio or television
  • audio visual programming
  • media administration and research
  • publishing
  • policy analysis
  • communications project development
  • writing and editing.
  • Identify, evaluate and apply major theoretical traditions in communication studies.
  • Assess and explain the development of communication media, practices and industries.
  • Demonstrate critical media literacy as both producers and consumers of communication.
  • Employ basic research methods for projects in communication and media studies.
  • Analyse the perspectives from which diverse stakeholders engage in communication.


CampusTermsFull/Part Time
North VancouverFallBoth
North VancouverSpringBoth

Tuition and Fees Per Year

Domestic Students
Year Tuition Fees Total
Year 1$4,066 $1,327 $5,393
Year 2$4,066 $1,327 $5,393
Year 3$0 $0 $0
Year 4$0 $0 $0
Year 5$0 $0 $0
Total$8,131 $2,655 $10,786

Note: Fees are subject to change. Some programs have fees for supplies and equipment that aren’t included in the estimate. To get an idea of what you’ll pay to study at CapU, try out our Tuition & Fees Estimator.

Core CMNS Courses

Total credits: 15.00

Choose 3.00 credits from the following list:
CMNS 231Cultural Industries in Canada3.00 credits
SOC 223Media and Society3.00 credits



Total credits: 3.00

Choose 3.00 credits from the following list:
CMNS 209History of Media3.00 credits
CMNS 253Society and Digital Media3.00 credits



Total credits: 6.00

Choose 6.00 credits from the following list:
CMNS 222Communication and Ideology3.00 credits
CMNS 235Understanding News3.00 credits
CMNS 236Understanding Television3.00 credits



Total credits: 6.00

Choose 6.00 credits from the following list:
CMNS 190Writing for Popular Media3.00 credits
CMNS 209History of Media3.00 credits
CMNS 222Communication and Ideology3.00 credits
CMNS 235Understanding News3.00 credits
CMNS 236Understanding Television3.00 credits
CMNS 253Society and Digital Media3.00 credits
CMNS 255Interpersonal Communication3.00 credits
CMNS 270Visual Communication3.00 credits
CMNS 295The Culture of Advertising3.00 credits
CMNS 353Technology and Everyday Life3.00 credits
CMNS 360Strategic Communication3.00 credits
CMNS 370Photography as Communication: Fact and Fiction3.00 credits



Total credits: 30.00

ENGL 100University Writing Strategies3.00 credits
Choose 27.00 credits from the following list:

Note: At least 3 credits must be designated as Quantitative/Analytical.

Humanities (Art History, History, English, Foreign languages, Linguistics, Philosophy, Studio or Performing Arts) credits9.00 credits
Science/Applied Science (Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Computing Science, Engineering, Geography, Geology, Math, Physics or Kinetics) credits6.00 credits
Social Science (Anthropology, Criminology, Economics, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology {except SOC 223} and Women's Studies) or Business credits12.00 credits


Total program credits: 60.00

Important Dates

Application Dates

Feb 4, 2020 - Dec 1, 2020

Course Registration & Waitlisting Starts

Nov 16, 2020

Fee Payment Deadline

Dec 21, 2020 4:00 PM

Application Dates

Oct 6, 2020 - Aug 3, 2021

Course Registration & Waitlisting Starts

Jul 5, 2021

Fee Payment Deadline

Aug 24, 2021 4:00 PM

Note: Dates are subject to change.

How to apply

  1. Check the admissions requirements.
  2. Check the application and document deadlines for your program.
  3. Complete and submit your application through EducationPlannerBC.
    1. Upload all your required/supporting official documents.
    2. Pay your application fee.
  4. Admissions will review your application and contact you.

Admission Requirements

Admission Notes

Please note that the admission requirements are minimum requirements.

ENGL 100 is a required course in the Communication Studies diploma. In order to enroll in any English course, students must submit the results of the Capilano University English Diagnostic Test (EDT) or the Language Proficiency Index Test (LPI) unless they meet the EDT/LPI exemptions.

For the official publication of programs, course descriptions and admission requirements please view the Capilano University Calendar (pdf).

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