What Student Need to Know for September 7, 2021

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Hello Students!

We are one day closer to the beginning of the Fall 2021 term and I’m pleased to provide you with this reminder of our shared responsibilities to create safe, in-person learning, events and community experiences.

This year, preparing for in-person learning and campus experiences includes the additional responsibility of being vaccinated against COVID-19. As I shared in yesterday’s message, to be on campus and engaging with others means:

•    Wearing a mask in all campus buildings
•    Being vaccinated with at least a first dose (you may be vaccinated at the CapU main campus pop-up clinic on September 7 or 8)
•    Ensuring your second vaccination is received no later than October 17, 2021

Please be ready
For certain activities on campus, proof-of-vaccination will be in effect beginning on September 7*. For everyone else, the system of verification will be introduced as soon as it is finalized.

You’ll find more details on our Return to Campus webpages.

Until tomorrow,

Kyle Vuorinen

P.S. I just heard that the one and only Mr. Bannock will be on campus, joining an array of food trucks, for the CapU Street Party. See you in line for a bannock taco!

*The alternative of rapid antigen testing will also be accepted. However, students should expect to cover the cost of their testing themselves. Students experiencing financial hardship are encouraged to consult with Financial Aid.


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