Dr. Jen Gunter

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An obstetrician and gynecologist who brilliantly dispels harmful myths about sexual health with wit, wisdom and science.

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Location: The BlueShore at CapU - Birch Building

Fee: $12/$10

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Dr. Jen Gunter;

A fierce advocate for women’s health with nearly three decades of experience as a physician, Gunter has been called Twitter’s resident gynecologist for hilariously exposing unscientific wellness advice and debunking harmful myths surrounding female sexual health. Her new book, The Vagina Bible: The vulva and the vagina – separating the myth from the medicine, is a comprehensive, accessible antidote to the maelstrom of misinformation surrounding female sexuality. Gunter’s new CBC digital series, Jensplaining, presents her fun, factual takes on sex, science and social media. Gunter also writes two regular columns for The New York Times, called The Cycle (monthly) and You Asked (weekly), and has written for a broad range of outlets, from academic publications to The New Republic, Chatelaine, Self, The Cut and many more.

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