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Working collaboratively with our University community, the next step in our enhanced safety measures will require students and employees to confidentially self-disclose their COVID-19 vaccination status through the CapU Safe App (accessible through computer or mobile device).

An email asking you to declare your vaccination status will be sent to you within the next week. In preparation, we are asking students and employees to download the CapU Safe app. If you already have the app, we ask that you go in and check to ensure your notifications are enabled.

The declaration of your vaccination status does not replace the province’s health order with the BC Vaccine Card. As an enhanced safety measure at CapU, declaring your vaccination status is one of the many layers of protection we have in place to keep our community safe.

Those who are not vaccinated or choose not to declare their vaccination status may be required to participate in additional safety measures.

The Q&As below and the Return to Campus section on our website provide for more information related to this initiative.

Thank you for all you are doing to contribute to the health and well-being of our University community, and for your cooperation with this important initiative.


Laureen Styles, EdD
Acting President
VP Academic & Provost


CapU Safe Declaration of Vaccination FAQs

If Capilano University is using CapU Safe to collect COVID-19 vaccine declarations, what measures are in place to protect the confidentiality of the data being collected?

To complete your declaration, your name and student or employee number will be recorded via the CapU Safe platform. In compliance with British Columbia privacy legislation, this data will be held securely by our system for one year after the collection period, or so long as is required to comply with the enhanced measure, whichever ends sooner.  It is necessary to collect this information to connect your declaration with your identification. The information will be held in confidence and used for the purposes of understanding current vaccination levels of students and employees, and consideration of whether or not additional actions are required.

What if I don’t declare?
It is a requirement of all students and employees to complete the self-declaration. The declaration will ask you if you are vaccinated, unvaccinated or prefer not to disclose. Students and employees who do not declare their vaccination status will receive frequent reminders that this is a requirement of Capilano University.  Those who are not vaccinated or choose not to declare their vaccination status may be required to participate in additional safety measures.

As a student will I be asked/expected to show my declaration in my classes?
No. The declaration is for our university planning purposes, not for class entry or participation.

Can I show my CapU Safe declaration to use the Centre for Sport and Wellness facilities?

No. Access to use these facilities requires you show your government proof of vaccination, that is, the BC Vaccine Card.

For what purpose will CapU be using this data?

The information collected will be used to understand the levels of vaccination/non-vaccination amongst the CapU community of students and employees. It is an enhanced measure to help inform the University’s ability to facilitate the provisions of, and monitor the safety of, in-person services across the University’s campuses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Does everyone have to do this?
Yes, we are asking all students and employees to declare their vaccination status in this way.

What if I don’t have a mobile device?
The Vaccine Declaration form will be available both on the CapU Safe mobile app and via a website for desktop computer users.

What if I got vaccinated in a different country with a vaccine that is not used in Canada?

The CapU Safe self-declaration form will allow you to indicate any WHO-approved COVID-19 vaccine, including those used outside of Canada.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the collection and use of this information?

If you have any questions, please email campusready@capilanou.ca.

What does it mean to be fully vaccinated?

An individual who is 14 days past the second dose of a Health Canada approved two-dose vaccine, or 14 days past a dose of a Health Canada approved single-dose vaccine is considered fully vaccinated. International students who may have received a vaccine approved by the WHO, but not approved by Health Canada, can look for further information from the BC Centre for Disease Control.

Does my vaccination declaration replace the BC Vaccine Card on campus?
No. CapU’s vaccine declaration measure does not replace the province’s health order regarding the BC Vaccine Card. By order of the Provincial Health Officer, vaccination is be required for accessing non-essential university activities.

Using the BC Vaccine Card, you will need to prove vaccination in order to:

  • Live in student housing—proof of vaccination required as of September 7, 2021
  • Participate in varsity and intramural athletics   
  • Use gyms or recreation facilities 
  • Participate in indoor high-intensity group exercise activities
  • Attend student clubs, sports, theatre, performances and other indoor events like conferences and workshops.   

Cafeterias providing on-campus food services are exempt from the proof of vaccination requirements. Other activities requiring proof of vaccination may be forthcoming. Please review the Government of BC website to remain informed.




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