Capilano University partners with the Faster Together campaign

Promoting a safe and healthy return to campus life

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Image from Faster Together, a national campaign that encourages Canadians to get vaccinated

Capilano University has joined a national coalition of organizations that encourages people to get vaccinated against COVID-19. The Faster Together campaign highlights how being vaccinated will allow Canadians to more quickly and safely return to fulfilling activities that build human connection.

“The more people from the Capilano University community who are vaccinated by September, the healthier and safer our return to campus life will be,” said Paul Dangerfield, president of Capilano University.

Launched on May 28th, the Faster Together campaign is a volunteer-based initiative that now includes more than 200 individuals and organizations. Campaign partners each play a role in sharing positive images and messages that help to encourage up-take of COVID-19 vaccines.

The local, provincial and national partner organizations representing the business sector, industry organizations, post-secondary, arts and entertainment, travel/tourism and labour unions have come together around the theme "Getting vaccinated can bring us back together, faster".

Faster Together welcomes any organization or individual that wants to help reach people and encourage vaccinations. See the full list of campaign participants.

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