Times of tumult and tragedy

A message from Paul Dangerfield, President, Capilano University

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With deep concern and sadness, Capilano University acknowledges the violence, turmoil and tragedy escalating in the United States. This is a time of sorrow, frustration and anger for many, especially in Black communities. It is also an opportunity for deep reflection upon power, privilege, hardship and pervasive inequities in our own society.

Capilano University stands, peacefully, for an equitable society, recognizing always what both distinguishes and unites us as individuals and as a community of learning. We strive to be a place where ideas and experiences can be shared safely and where support is available to address even the most painful of social issues. Racism has no place here.

As a university, our first step is to repair our own legacies and help prepare generations to build a better future. Together.


Paul Dangerfield





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