Delayed start to Spring 2021 term

In our evolving response to COVID-19, Capilano University announces a new start date for next term.

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After consideration and consultation, the University is shifting the start date of classes for the Spring 2021 term from January 4 to January 11, 2021. This adjustment is not condensing the term; the term will be the same number of weeks, with the revised last day of classes being April 16, 2021.

Please note that the February Reading Break will remain the week of February 15, 2021.

Why delay the Spring term?

This one-week delayed start provides faculty with additional time to prepare for the beginning of the new term in a remote, adapted model and for university staff and administrators to contribute to a smooth start to the term. Students will have a longer break between terms to rejuvenate, and more time to prepare for classes.

For new incoming students this also affords some time to become familiar with remote learning tools. Our goal is the delayed start to classes will assist all students and teaching faculty to start in a well-prepared way in the New Year.

Revised dates

EventOriginal Date(s)New Date(s)
Spring term class start January 4, 2021 January 11, 2021
Spring term add/drop period January 4 – 15, 2021 January 11 – 22, 2021
Spring 2021 withdrawal period January 16 – February 12, 2021 January 23 – February 26, 2021
Reading Break February 16 – 19, 2021 No change
Spring term classes end April 9, 2021 April 16, 2021
Spring term exam period April 13 – 22, 2021 April 20 – 29, 2021

Fostering health and well being of our university community remains a top priority for CapU.

If you have questions about our response to COVID-19, please continue to visit capilanou.ca/covid-19 for information and updates, and our listing of all remote, adapted Student Services and Academic Support Services. Any questions can be directed to safety@capilanou.ca.  


Kyle Vuorinen

Laureen Styles, Ed.D.
Vice-President Academic and Provost


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