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How would you handle a government-forced breakup of a conglomerate over eight years? That's something second-, third- and fourth-year students from Capilano University's School of Business have been strategizing about for months.

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Their preparation, quick thinking and top-notch presentation skills paid off March 12, 2017, when both CapU's junior and senior teams won the Western Canadian Business Competition in Kelowna, like they did in 2016. This year, six students won individual awards, and one student received an honourable mention.

Before the competition, students learned business simulation software and wrote 20-page strategic plans for submission to the judges. During the competition, they swiftly analyzed data and immediately applied their insights in the next round of the business simulation. CapU's teams emerged with the largest cumulative profits and largest shareholder wealth. They also impressed business leaders on a board of directors in one-on-one interviews and with their presentations.

"Competition was fierce this year," says business instructor Robert Bruce. "Given the number of individual awards, our students made a great impression on the board."

Bruce and business instructor Judith Watson coached students on their presentation skills before the competition, and instructors Ronald Wong and Ann Cederholm accompanied students to Kelowna.

On the senior team, Alex Avis won Best CEO, Gary Guo won Best Vice-President (VP), Finance, Marissa LeSire won Best VP, Marketing and Navid Sazegar won Best VP, Human Resources.

"Teamwork was critical to our success," says Avis, the senior team's CEO.

He added Guo deserves special acknowledgement for his contributions.

"He not only helped us win," says Avis, "but he also really helped the juniors during the practice phase."

James Stone on the junior team won Best CEO, Harrison Cho won Best VP, Finance and Camila Stankevicius Bueno won honourable mention in the VP, Marketing category. Harrison Liu rounded out the junior team as a strong supporting contributor.

"In a classroom setting we're presenting in front of our peers," says Stone, the junior team's CEO. "In the competition, students are running a company. We're pitching this to business professionals, so it gives you an insight of what you can expect as you go forward in the business world."

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