Outdoor Recreation Management Diploma

Faculty of Global & Community Studies School of Outdoor Recreation Management


2 year(s)

Program Highlights

Connect your passion for the outdoors with a career in CapU's Outdoor Recreation Management program.

Through classroom study, relevant field trips, and work experience, you'll develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to contribute to the exciting and challenging outdoor recreation industry.

In the program, you'll take courses in financial planning, experiential education, entrepreneurship, outdoor guiding, risk management and more.

Your passion and commitment to the outdoors, along with training in the program, will prepare you for future careers in adventure tourism, community and outdoor recreation, parks and conservation, or experiential and outdoor education.

You'll also participate in a co-op work experience placement before completing your diploma, ensuring you'll make the jump from student to your new career seamlessly.

  • Recognize and participate in the commercial aspect of the Outdoor Recreation Industry.
  • Be able to effectively deliver information to a diversity of audiences in an outdoor recreation contex.
  • Actively participate in local and global outdoor recreation community initiatives to develop competency in a leadership role, social consciousness and a sense of responsibility.
  • Analyze, adapt and apply the fundamentals of environmental and cultural stewardship as they relate to the outdoor recreation industry and to the global community.
  • Apply theoretical concepts, relevant research, experience-based judgment and critical thinking to make decisions within the context of commercial outdoor recreation that meet the industry standard.
  • Have a comprehensive understanding and the tools necessary for working within a sustainable and environmentally conscious outdoor recreation business.
  • Demonstrate professional appearance, attitudes and behaviours appropriate to the commercial outdoor recreation industry.

Admission Requirements

English language requirements

English is the language of instruction at CapU. All applicants are required to demonstrate competence in the English language prior to admission.

If English is not your first language or you’ve received your education in a language other than English, you must meet our English Language Requirements.

Basic requirements

  • High school graduation
  • English Studies 12 (C) or
    • English 12 (C) or
    • English First Peoples 12 (C) or
    • EDT=ENGL 100
  • Principles of Math 11 (C) or
    • Pre-calculus 11 (pass) or
    • Foundations of Math 11 (C) or
    • BMTH 044 (C) or
    • BMTH 048 (C) or
    • MATH 096 (C) or
    • MATH 097 (C) or
    • Applications of Math 12 (pass) or
    • Foundations of Math 12 (pass) or
    • Principles of Math 12 (pass) or
    • Pre-calculus 12 (pass) or
    • BMTH 054 (pass) or
    • BTEC 115 (B-)

Program-specific requirements

  • Resume

Program Requirements

Required Courses

Total credits: 52.00


Elective Courses

Total credits: 9.00

Choose 9.00 credits from the following list:

Electives can be chosen from any course at the 100 or 200-level from the prefixes below:

FYSFirst-Year Seminar
RECOutdoor Recreation
SATOStudy Abroad - Tourism/OREC
TOURTourism Management


Wilderness Leadership Skills Courses

Total credits: 4.00

Choose 4.00 credits from the following list:

Students may choose skill courses in their WLP course selections with a focus on Snow (WLP 124/164), Backpacking (WLP 126/166), Sea Kayaking (WLP 137/138) or a Personalized Option (WLP 184/185).

WLP 124Winter Skills2.00 credits
WLP 126Backpacking2.00 credits
WLP 137Sea Kayaking I2.00 credits
WLP 138Sea Kayaking II2.00 credits
WLP 164Winter Leadership2.00 credits
WLP 166Introduction to Alpine Travel2.00 credits
WLP 184Select Skills Course in Outdoor Recreation I2.00 credits
WLP 185Select Skills Course in Outdoor Recreation II2.00 credits


Total program credits: 65.00


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