Program Highlights

The Kinesiology diploma program at Capilano University gives you training in a field that will enable you to create practical, workable solutions that help people live their healthiest lives.

The Diploma of Kinesiology program is still available to students; however, diploma applicants should apply to the Bachelor of Kinesiology Degree program where they have the option to exit the Degree program at the end of year two with a Diploma credential.

  • Effectively communicate - in written and oral forms - using appropriate health and kinesiology terminology where applicable.
  • Describe how physical, social and psychological factors impact the health of an individual and community.
  • Collect, evaluate and interpret health and kinesiology research data
  • Assess, design and implement health, fitness and educational programs.
  • Utilize technology to analyze health and human movement.
  • Demonstrate professional behavior and ethics.

Admission Requirements

Program-specific requirements

This program does not accept applications. However, students can apply to the Bachelor of Kinesiology and work towards earning this credential.

Program Requirements

First Year

Total credits: 30.00

ENGL 100University Writing Strategies3.00 credits
KINE 103Active Health3.00 credits
KINE 125Introduction to Leadership in Health and Physical Activity3.00 credits
KINE 151Biomechanics3.00 credits
KINE 161Leisure and Sport in Society3.00 credits
KINE 190Human Physiology I3.00 credits
KINE 191Human Physiology II3.00 credits
Choose 9.00 credits of electives:
KINEKinesiology 100 or 200-level3.00 credits
Electives 100 or 200-level (excluding KINE)6.00 credits


Second Year

Total credits: 30.00

CMNS 220Advanced Business Writing and Editing3.00 credits
KINE 206Applications of Functional Anatomy3.00 credits
KINE 230Human Motor Behaviour I3.00 credits
KINE 231Mental Theories in Sport and Exercise3.00 credits
KINE 261Health, Policy and Society3.00 credits
KINE 275Exercise Physiology3.00 credits
KINE 296Kinesiology Career Seminar Series3.00 credits
Choose 9.00 credits of electives:
KINEKinesiology 100 or 200-level3.00 credits
Electives 100-level or higher (excluding KINE)6.00 credits


Total program credits: 60.00


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