BA., M.Sc., PhD

Instructor, Psychology
School of Social Sciences
Faculty of Arts and Sciences

604.984.4913 ext. 4913
Fir Building, room FR441


PhD, Department of Psychiatry, McGill University, 2016.

M.Sc., Department of Psychology and Neuroscience, Maastricht University, The Netherlands, 2012.

BA, Department of Psychology, Simon Fraser University, 2010.

Diploma, Journalism, British Columbia Institute of Technology, 2005.


Danyael Lutgens (PhD, McGill University, 2016) has focused her work primarily on youth mental health and the application of psychological and psychosocial interventions. In particular, she has investigated treatment outcomes for first episode psychosis within a clinical setting. Currently, she is working on a project unpacking news media representation of psychiatrists and is committed to multi-disciplinary and mixed method approaches.

Prior to her PhD, and as part of her M.Sc., Lutgens conducted research at Simon Fraser University, through the Forensic Psychology Department, on factors predicting delayed versus timely disclosure of child sexual assault. In a previous iteration, Lutgens studied as a journalist and contributed work to both CBC television and radio, winning two awards for best student journalist (Full Nest) and for most requested radio documentary (Hitch-Hiking with Mom). For several years after leaving journalism, she served as a co- host on Vancouver Coop Radio's Arts Rational program.

Lutgens is very happy to be in a close-knit University that is nestled among the trees. She is dedicated to supporting students in broadening their scope of the world, discovering their passions and finding their purpose, whatever that might be.

Learning should be enjoyable. Part of this means being engaged. It is my job to introduce materials that have meaning to students and that can be applied towards better understanding yourself within a social world. I encourage the application of critical thinking and ask students the same questions that I ask myself: is this method of inquiry valid? What are alternative explanations for the results that are reported?

I welcome non-judgemental participation in my classes and integrate a wide-range of perspectives. In particular, I hope to convey my passion for the field of mental health and its relationship to social justice.

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Published Non-Refereed Article

Lutgens, D., Shah, J., & Malla., A. (2015). Arguments en faveur de la prvention et de lintervention prcoce: leffet dune enfance marque par ladversit sur lapparition de la maladie mentale. Revue-le-Partenaire, 24(1), 14-18.