Program Highlights

The Human Kinetics Diploma – Physical Education stream focuses on the sociological and educational concepts of teaching and coaching.

Please note: The last intake for this program was Fall 2019. Any students interested in studying Human Kinetics should apply to the Diploma in Human Kinetics.

Are you passionate about sport and fitness? Do you want to motivate others to develop their skills and fitness levels? Our Physical Education stream prepares you for a career in coaching, physical education, fitness instruction, recreation programming and leadership.

It’s suitable for students planning to transfer to UBC to study for a BA in Kinesiology, and many other schools accept our courses for transfer as well. Students planning to enter the Faculty of Education at UBC should meet with an advisor from CapU's Faculty of Education to discuss course selection.

  • Effectively communicate - in written and oral forms - using appropriate health and Human Kinetics terminology where applicable.
  • Describe how physical, social and psychological factors impact the health of an individual and community.
  • Collect, evaluate and interpret health and Human Kinetics research data.
  • Assess, design and implement health, fitness and educational programs.
  • Utilize technology to analyze heath and human movement.
  • Demonstrate professional behavior and ethics.


CampusTermsFull/Part Time

First Term

Total credits: 15.00

ENGL 100University Writing Strategies3.00 credits
HKIN 103Active Health3.00 credits
HKIN 116Performance Analysis of Selected Individual Sports and Activities I3.00 credits
HKIN 190Anatomy and Physiology I3.00 credits
Choose 3.00 credits of electives:
University Transferable Elective3.00 credits


Second Term

Total credits: 15.00

HKIN 117Performance Analysis of Selected Individual Sports and Activities II3.00 credits
HKIN 151Biomechanics I3.00 credits
HKIN 161Leisure and Sport in Society3.00 credits
HKIN 191Anatomy and Physiology II3.00 credits
Choose 3.00 credits from the following list:
HKIN 112Health and Human Nutrition3.00 credits
University Transferable Elective3.00 credits


Third Term

Total credits: 15.00

HKIN 216Performance Analysis of Selected Team Sports/Activities I3.00 credits
HKIN 230Human Motor Behaviour I3.00 credits
HKIN 275Exercise Physiology3.00 credits
Choose 6.00 credits from the following list:
HKIN 241Care and Prevention of Sports Injuries3.00 credits
HKIN 252Contemporary Health Issues3.00 credits
University Transferable 100 or 200-Level Electives3.00 credits


Fourth Term

Total credits: 15.00

Choose 3.00 credits from the following list:
HKIN 205Principles of Strength and Conditioning3.00 credits
University Transferable 100 or 200-Level Elective3.00 credits


Total program credits: 60.00

Important Dates

Note: Dates are subject to change.

How to apply

  1. Check the admissions requirements.
  2. Check the application and document deadlines for your program.
  3. Complete and submit your application through EducationPlannerBC.
    1. Upload all your required/supporting official documents.
    2. Pay your application fee.
  4. Admissions will review your application and contact you.

Admission Requirements

For the official publication of programs, course descriptions and admission requirements please view the Capilano University Calendar (pdf).

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