The purpose of this program is to:

  • Build more positive spaces on campus for the LGBTQ2S+ Community;
  • To increase awareness and build competency of sexual and gender identities as well as concepts about diversity, intersectionality and inclusion; and
  • To build a community of respect.

Capilano University's values are diversity, the individuality of learners, open engagement with ideas, respectful engagement with each other, personal accountability of integrity and success, transparency and an ethic of fairness.

Students and employees During this campaign, we will also share concepts surrounding microaggressions, power, privilege, diversity and inclusion.

Many of the policies and procedures relevant to the LGBTQ2S+ community are also relevant to any type of identity related discrimination.

Being Positive Space trained does not give you the ability to counsel or advise a student or a peer/colleague. The only people on campus able and qualified to provide counselling are in the Counselling Office.

Displaying a Positive Space sticker means that you are supportive and have some knowledge about the LGBTQ2S+ community, terminology, etc.

Displaying the sticker shows individuals you are open to this topic and that you are aiming to create more positive spaces on campus.

For any issues or concerns someone might bring to you beyond the scope of your role, please refer them to the Counselling Office, Student Affairs or Human Resources.

You can display your sticker in your working space, on your laptop or other objects you carry with you like a water bottle or smartphone.

A good resource for all CapU community members is the Capilano University Policies page. In here, students and employees can find relevant information about the University.

If you are a student and are concerned about something, you may contact the Office of Student Affairs for assistance in the Library Building, room LB116 or email studentaffairs@capilanou.ca.

If you are an employee, you may contact Human Resources for assistance in the Birch Building, room BR473 or email hr@capilanou.ca