When you arrive to receive writing support, please sign in and mark the "Purpose of Visit" column on our sign-in sheet. This helps us track how many students are using our services and to make plans for future initiatives.

You may discuss your work that's at any stage with a writing instructor. Some of the topics you might discuss, for example, are thinking about ways to get started on an assignment, organizing material, developing ideas, improving your grammar skills and learning more about doing research. We do not proofread your writing, but we will point out sample errors and teach you how to avoid those errors.

When you see an instructor, it's best to have specific questions in mind. For example, you could ask if your opening paragraph works as an introduction to the essay, or if your thesis statement is focused and direct, or if particular sentences make their points clearly. Students who underline, highlight or star problematic passages, words, or punctuation marks in their writing assignments tend to make most effective use of their consultation time. During busy periods of the academic year, instructors spend approximately 15 minutes with each student. 

Instructors will recommend handouts and exercises that might benefit your writing. You are welcome to look through our extensive collection of handouts to select those that look helpful.

We also recommend that students purchase The Capilano Guide to Writing Assignments, which is produced by English department instructors in consultation with other departments. It is available from the Capilano University Bookstore in a print or pdf version.


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