There are two types of appeals that students can make.

Learn more about appeals and the procedures at Transcripts & Forms.

General Appeals

What is a general appeal? A general appeal is anything that is not a final grade appeal. It could be a particular paper within a course, admissions related decisions, matters related to conduct, etc.

Where does the general appeal submission get submitted? The Registrar's Office is on the 2nd floor of the Birch Building.

Final Grade Appeals

What is a final grade appeal? Final Grade appeals are different than regular appeals. These go to the VP of Academic and Provost Office directly.  

Where does the general appeal submission get submitted? VICE PRESIDENT ACADEMIC & PROVOST OFFICE, ROOM 120, ARBUTUS BUILDING, 2055 PURCELL WAY, NORTH VANCOUVER, BC, V7J 3H5 EMAIL: TEL: 604 983 7560

Is there a fee to appeal a final grade? No, there is no fee associated with this appeal.

Student Affairs Support

The Student Rights & Responsibilities Advisor in Student Affairs can support students who wish to submit appeals or complaints at CapU. While we do not directly hear or investigate appeals or complaints, we are happy to meet with students to help them understand the process and ensure they have all the documents required for their appeal and direct them to the Registrar's Office for lodging their appeal. If students require help with constructing a strong submission, they can seek this kind of support from the Capilano Student's Union. We recommend reading the information below before booking a meeting with us.

To book an appointment with the Student Rights & Responsibilities Advisor, email

Student Appeals Committee

The Student Appeals Committee is the body responsible for academic and non-academic appeals. Appeals can be submitted to the committee in cases where there is a lack of fairness/consideration or a clear example of bias.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: The deadline for submitting an appeal is 21 DAYS from the time you receive the decision in writing.

Download the Student Appeals Application Form (pdf).

More information can be found in the Student Appeals Policy (pdf) and Student Appeals Procedure (pdf)


CapU recognizes that students may not always be happy with all of the experiences they have while on campus and encourages the sharing of feedback to help make improvements to our campus.

If you wish to make a complaint about a specific department, faculty, or staff member, the Office of Student Affairs can help you to ensure that you have directed your complaint to the correct place and help you ensure it is complete. 

Please note: the Office of Student Affairs will not act on your complaint or speak to the individual or department on your behalf.

If you are planning to make a complaint and would like to book an appointment with the Student Rights and Responsibilities Advisor, email