A photo taken outside the Library at CapU's North Vancouver campus.


Student Affairs Support

The Student Rights & Responsibilities Advisor in Student Affairs can support students with complaints processes and understanding policy and procedures. If students require help with submitting an appeal, they can seek support from the Capilano Student's Union.

Learn more about appeals and the procedures at Transcripts & Forms.

To book an appointment with the Student Rights & Responsibilities Advisor, email studentconduct@capilanou.ca.

To book an appointment with the CSU, email lkosciuw@csu.bc.ca


CapU recognizes that students may not always be happy with all of the experiences they have while on campus and encourages the sharing of feedback to help make improvements to our campus.

If you wish to make a complaint about a specific department, faculty, or staff member, the Office of Student Affairs can help you to ensure that you have directed your complaint to the correct place and help you ensure it is complete.

Note: the Office of Student Affairs will not act on your complaint or speak to the individual or department on your behalf.

If you are planning to make a complaint and would like to book an appointment with the Student Rights and Responsibilities Advisor, email studentconduct@capilanou.ca.