Follow these steps to get started on your Adult Basic Education (ABE) or College & University Preparation (CUP) courses at CapU.

Step 1. Apply for admission to Capilano University

New students apply to CapU online using EducationPlannerBC. If you are already a CapU student you can skip this step.

In the education planner:

  1. Create an account
  2. Create an application
  3. Select "Preparatory"
  4. Select either ABE or CUP as your first and/or second choice. 

Find more information on How to Apply.

Note: Be sure to pay the application fee. The University will not process your application until you have paid the fee. 

Step 2. Attend an Information and Assessment session

Our instructors need to know which class is at the right level for you. So before you can register for Adult Basic Education (ABE) or College & University Preparation (CUP) courses you’ll need to come to an information session.

At the info session, you'll take an assessment test. The test is only to make sure we sign you up for the right class. You can’t register for courses until you’ve written the test.

The test involves:

  1. English: a half page writing assessment. We will give you the topics.
  2. Math: the test will be similar to this Practice Math Assessment (pdf).

Note: You can try the Practice Math Assessment at home if you wish. The higher you place on the test, the higher the level of math you’ll start. Don’t worry if you can’t get all the answers. What you don’t know now, you will learn in class. 

Sign up for an Information and Assessment Session.

Step 3. Register for classes

New ABE and CUP students register in person at the same as your Information and Assessment session. If you are taking courses in other CapU programs please bring your schedule with you.

Current courses and times can be found on the ABE Summer I (pdf) - (May/June) and ABE Summer II (pdf) - (July/August).

Step 4. Pay your fees

If you don’t pay your fees on time you may be charged a late fee or even deregistered from your courses. 

Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents do not pay tuition fees for ABE courses.

You will still pay:

We suggest you pay any fees the same day that you register.

Find more information about ABE and CUP fees and the Adult Upgrading Grant (AUG) at Financial Aid & Awards.

Note: Applying to Capilano University does not guarantee a place in the program.