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STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

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    Do you want to make a real difference? To understand and resolve most issues facing the world today, a foundation in the sciences is a strength. So if you are a problem solver, a hands-on learner, and you enjoy putting theory into practice, then a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education at Capilano U is the right foundation for you.

    Why Cap U?

    Our popular STEM offerings provide innovative and flexible learning pathways that lead to successful careers.  CapU’s multidisciplinary and project-focused curriculum emphasizes both the academic and applied skill sets you need to succeed, particularly in the burgeoning fields of Green Science (Environment), Heath Science (Human) and Applied Science (Engineering). 

    Experiential Learning

    Analyzing theories with practical work is essential to STEM careers.  That’s why CapU offers a blend of lectures, labs and fieldwork.  Our well-equipped labs are known to offer some of the best hands-on learning experiences in the province. 

    Career Paths

    engineer • restoration ecologist • medical doctor • software developer • nurse • green scientist • physiotherapist • genetic counsellor • pharmacist • educator • actuary • climatologist • agricultural scientist • dietician • forensic scientist • oceanographer • researcher • statistician

    Pathways and Programs

    To pursue Green or Health Science, you can choose courses from traditional science disciplines to construct a pathway leading to an Associate of Science degree.

    Associate of Science Degrees
    We offer two Associate of Science degrees: a general Associate of Science and an Associate of Science in Biology. The general Associate of Science degree offers maximum flexibility allowing you to take a broad range of science courses along with general education electives. The Associate of Science in Biology focuses on the life sciences. Students with associate degrees can transfer 60 credits to other B.C. universities.

    Some courses in the Associate of Science – Biology program have prerequisites. Admission to the program does not guarantee admission into all courses. Students intending to complete the program in two years should have completed PREC 11 (PREC 12 preferred) and CHEM 11 (CHEM 12 preferred) prior to entry. Students who have not already completed PREC 12 and CHEM 12 will be required to take preparatory courses in these subjects.  

    To pursue Applied Science, we offer two Engineering programs.

    Applied Science: Engineering Certificate  Program  
    This program provides students with a comprehensive first-year university transfer program in engineering and is aimed at strong academic high school graduates and highly motivated post-secondary science students.  For information on the transfer of this program to UBC, SFU and UVic, please visit: capilanou.ca/engineering/engineering-certificate

    Engineering Transition Diploma Program  
    This program is aimed at mature students with a pathway to obtain an applied science degree, en route to becoming professional engineers. The program also caters to recent high school graduates who lack the prerequisites for entry into a traditional engineering program.  For information on the transfer of this program to UBC, SFU and UVic, please visit: capilanou.ca/engineering/engineering-transition-diploma

    Health Career Pathways 
    View courses to study for various health careers (PDF) 

    STEM Disciplines

    Select from a wide range of traditional and applied science disciplines:

  • Testimonials

    Capilano University provided me with a thorough and well-rounded education, which prepared me for UBC’s Engineering program. The class sizes at Cap along with the superb staff from the Applied Science department provide a comfortable learning environment.
    – Nemer Aboughoury

    Cap U’s biology department has some of the most approachable and passionate instructors I have ever met. Relating everyday experiences to their every lecture, making them not only memorable but applicable for future field work.
    – Azy Behnam

    I can’t say enough good things about my experience at Capilano University. Having attended a larger university prior to Capilano, I know first-hand that Capilano has a huge small school advantage. The smaller classes mean more one-on-one attention from some of the best teachers I ever had.
    – Orla Tobin

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