This webpage provides a central location for policies and procedures currently in effect that have been approved by Capilano University's Board of Governors, Senate or Senior Leadership Council. The policies here form the university's policy manual.

In case of any discrepancy between versions of any policies, the policy found on this page shall be considered the official version.

All policies are categorized under the nine subject headings listed below. Clicking on the policy number or procedure will open up a PDF document. To search for a policy on this page, use Ctrl+F.

Academic and Students

Academic Freedom  S2003-01  
Academic Honours  S1989-02 See Academic Policies and Procedures
Academic Integrity Policy  S2017-05 Academic Integrity Procedures 
Academic Schedule  B.107  
Academic Standing  S2003-03 See Academic Policies and Procedures 
Academic Standing (effective Sept 1, 2018) S2003-03  
Access and Accommodation Policy for Students with Disabilities  S1999-09  
Attendance  S1990-01  See Academic Policies and Procedures 
Class Size  OP.101   
Course Outlines of Record and Course Syllabi  S2009-06   
Credential and Course Criteria  S2015-05   
Credit and Non-Credit Courses  B.108   
Definition of Full-Time Student  S2002-04   
Discontinuance of Programs or Courses  B.104  Discontinuance of Programs or Courses - Procedures 
Establishment and Discontinuance of Faculties  B.105   
Final Examinations  S2017-02   
Final Grade Appeal Policy (effective Sept 1, 2018) S2018-01 Final Grade Appeal Procedure (effective Sept 1, 2018)
First Nations Policy Statement  Memo 26   
Grade Assignment During an Academic Disruption  S2016-01  Grade Assignment During an Academic Disruption - Procedure 
Grade Change Time Limit  S1990-02   
Grading Profile  S2017-01   
Graduation  S2017-04   
Mature Student Admission  S2017-03   
Naming of Academic Units OP.303  
Posthumous Credential  S2011-02   
Prior Learning Assessment  S2002-03   
Program Advisory Committees  B.103   
Program and Course Review and Approval  B.106  Program Review Procedure
Program Approval Procedure 
Repeated Courses  S2003-02   
Senate Student Appeals Policy  S2015-03  See Academic Policies and Procedures
Senate Student Appeals Committee Mandate and Structure  S2015-02  Senate Student Appeals Committee Procedure 
Student Awards S2018-02 Appendix A - Student Awards
Student Appeals B.109  
Student Code of Conduct Policy  B.701  Student Code of Conduct - Board Procedures
Student Code of Conduct Procedures 
Students - Statement of Rights and Responsibility  E.702   
Students Religious Observances  ARM1072   
Teaching Out of Discontinued Programs  S2013-02   
Tuition and Other Fees OP.212  
Transfer Credit Policy  S2013-01  See Transfer Credit 
Board Policy on Tuition and Other Fees  B.202   
Student Fundraising  E.705   
Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policy  B.401  Sexual Violence and Misconduct Procedure 

Financial Management

Academic Agreements  S2015-01   
Automobile Insurance - University Employees   E.206   
Bank Accounts - Financial Agreements E.204   
Budget Policy B.206  
Capital and Operating Expenditures  E.203   
Cheque Signing  ARM5000   
Cost Recovery Courses  ARM1003   
Employee Expenses E.207  See Frontlines - Forms, Guides, Manuals - Financial Services  
Expenses - Meetings and Other Gatherings  B.302   
Expenses Reimbursement  B.208   
Holiday Celebrations and Expenses  ARM5503   
Illness and Bereavement - Flowers and Gifts  ARM5502   
Investment Policy  B.201   
Liability - Automobile and Property Insurance  E.209   
Long Distance Calls   E.208   
Membership Costs, Professional Associations  ARM1089   
Petty Cash Funds  ARM1049   
Purchasing Card Policy - Charge Card  ARM1120  See Frontlines - Departments & Services - Purchasing Services 
Purchasing/Procurement - Donations/Vendor Partnerships - Contracts - Disposals  E.205   
Retirement Recognition Policy for Capilano University Employees  B.205   
Salary Advances  E.503   
Signing Authority Policy  E.211   
Students Failure to Pay Fees and Charges   E.201   


Research Ethics Policy Research with Human Subjects S2002-01