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North American Business Management Post Baccalaureate

  • Live your dream in beautiful British Columbia!

    Gain a competitive advantage in your business career with a North American Business Management Post Baccalaureate Diploma.

    Why Take This Program?

    • Earn a Canadian post-graduate business diploma in 12 months
    • Gain local work experience and business connections during a work practicum
    • Three areas of specialization available: Marketing, Human Resources or International Strategy & Entrepreneurship  
    • Designed specifically for international students & new immigrants with an undergraduate degree completed outside of Canada
    • Gain knowledge of North American management practices
    • Small class sizes provide individualized learning and support
    • Learn business skills from faculty with extensive industry expertise
    • Meet and build networks with international students from all over the world
    • Improve English language and business communication skills
    • No prior work experience required
    • Optional laddering into the International Management Graduate Diploma which offers students a Masters and Graduate Diploma in International Management

    Why Canada?

    • Canada has the fastest growing economy in the G-7 which consist of US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Canada and Japan
    • In 2010 Canada was the world’s ninth largest economy as measured by Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Canada’s economy is larger than Russia, India and South Korea.
    • By 2025, a potential labour shortage of more than 38,200 full-year jobs is anticipated in B.C.
    • The World Economic Forum has also ranked the quality of Canada’s educational system as the best among G-7 countries and No. 5 in the world.

  • Marketing Concentration

    This concentration, in the first year, is designed to provide students with a strong background in marketing in order to prepare them for a wide variety of marketing careers. The concentration is most appropriate for those students seeking a career in brand management, small business marketing and business-to-business marketing in North America and abroad.

    Students learn marketing theory and methods as they apply to world markets and will explore the importance of linking international marketing with the overall strategy of the business while examining the impact of cultural, political and legal issues and the economic differences in global strategies.

    Human Resource Management Concentration

    During the first year, this concentration is designed to provide students with strong background in human resource management (HRM) and to prepare them for the wide variety of HR careers available. This concentration provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to help organizations ensure they have the necessary talent required to operate effectively.

    Students learn skills and knowledge needed to manage the recruitment, selection and development of new and current employees. This concentration also equips students with the fundamentals needed to be effective change agents, either as an entrepreneur, manager or consultant. In addition to fundamental HRM skills, job analysis, interviewing, negotiations, strategic thinking, etc, students learn about business realities as they relate to human resource issues and real-world problem solving skills.

    International Strategy and Entrepreneurship

    This first year concentration is designed to give students insight into the subject of entrepreneurship and to help them gain an understanding of the challenges of owning and operating a business across borders in a global marketplace.

    Students learn about small business in Canada and the process of a new business start-up and gain an understanding of the tasks required to develop a Business Plan including market research, financing, accounting, marketing, and human resource management. Students also have the opportunity to start and develop their own personal local and/or international venture during the term.

    Application Process

    Application to the university involves submitting an application form, non-refundable application fee, official transcripts of high-school and previous post-secondary education, and the official score from one of the approved English language tests. These documents should be sent directly to the Centre for International Experience.

    Helpful Resources

    Information about Capilano University, Housing Options for International Students, Study Permit & Work Permit Information.

    Any questions? Please contact us at busgrad@capilanou.ca or 604-986-1911 extention7238.  

  • *Please note that progression to the MSc International Business in the UK at the University of Hertfordshire referred to in this video is subject to the student successfully completing the fall term at Capilano University and to meeting the minimal entry requirements as governed by the recognition agreement between the two universities.

  • Where are our students from?

    Our students bring international perspectives from many nations.  The 2014-15 cohort represents 18 countries!

    2014 Student Cohort Pie Chart

  • Tajang Tage, North American Business Management Student, 2013

    I chose Capilano University because of the importance that it stresses upon on cross-culture and multicultural education. The university puts into perspective the dire need for individuals who can function in a world that is becoming “one”. 

    - Tajang Tage, India (2013)


  • Program at a Glance

    Implementation Date:

    • Sept-2012


    Start Dates:

    • September and January


    Program Type:

    • Postgraduate


    Program Length:

    • 1 year, full time


    Work Practicum:


    Credential Granted:

    • Post Baccalaureate Diploma


    Tuition & Fees:


    How to Apply: