• Nothing beats helping people through music

    In tune with people, in harmony with health

Bachelor of Music Therapy

  • If you are musical and good with people, then Music Therapy could be a great profession for you.  Music Therapy combines strong musicianship and people skills, with a variety of skills, techniques and abilites, and results in a dynamic and unique career.

    The Music Therapy program at Capilano University leads to a bachelor of Music Therapy. Students may enter third year from backgrounds that include music, general arts, psychology, education and nursing. All four years may be completed at Capilano University.

    This program provides students with the opportunity to gain knowledge and develop competencies in such areas as music therapy and practice; clinical disorders; assessment, planning, intervention and documentation; improvisation; cultural awareness; counsellings skills and group dynamics; and basic research.

    The program blends academic and experiential course work.  Each semester contains a practicum placement allowing you to apply our classroom learning in supervised clinical settings, to design, implement and evaluate your own treatment programs.  Students deepen their experience of music, creative expression and the role of the arts.  They are encouraged to explore their values, beliefs, feelings and communication patterns, to increase their effectiveness in the profession.

    The Work of Music Therapy

    Music therapists use the creative process inherent in musical participation to assist individuals and groups to improve their mental, physical and emotional functioning. Music therapists work with deep emotions in specialized therapy programs using music, improvisational and counselling resources to achieve therapeutic goals. Music therapy is increasingly identified by healthcare professionals as an effective catalyst for client motivation, stimulation and communication.

    Music Therapy Program Philosophy

    The faculty of the Capilano University Music Therapy program believe in the profound capacity of music to be transformative.  We believe in the unique value of each human being, and in their innate abilities to grow, to become self-aware and to be resourceful.  In this program, we believe the development of these capacities is best facilitated in a mutually respectful, creative environment in which the student is encouraged, inspired and challenged.  We include traditional and transpersonal perspectives while grounding them in the unique context of Music Therapy.