Associate of Arts - Creative Writing

  • Why take creative writing classes at Capilano?

    Creative writing classes offer students the opportunity to develop an intensive writing practice. To that end students explore their creative potential in a variety of genres including poetry, fiction, drama, screenwriting, hybrid-genres, creative non-fiction, and digital media.

    In a typical creative writing class, students might discuss everything from the "nuts-and-bolts" of literary devices and the practical matters of editing and publishing, to the possibilities and scope of the written word itself. Creative writing classes are kept small, so that students can interact with instructors and with each other in meaningful ways.

    Students in first-year courses are given broad experience with multiple genres. At the second year level students will be given the opportunity to further explore poetry, fiction, non-fiction, playwriting, and writing for children. Students at all levels are encouraged to develop their writing to the point where it would become acceptable for publication.

    About the Associate of Arts - Creative Writing Program

    While creative writing classes are open to all University Transfer students, Capilano also offers an Associate Arts - Creative Writing degree.

    The program is designed for students interested in studying contemporary literature and creative writing with the aim of acquiring an Associate Degree plus first and second year English and creative writing transfer credits.

    News and Events

    While classroom instruction can be helpful for a writer, we believe good writing is also the result of contact with a lively writing community. With this in mind, we are pleased to host ta reading series. The program also supports a student publication (The Liar), as well as scholarships and awards.

    For more information about these initiatives, contact the Creative Writing Program at

    For up-to-the-minute information about creative writing events on campus and beyond, visit our blog.


    Open to all interested students, Creative writing courses at Capilano University provide an opportunity to develop your writing under the guidance of an instructor who is also a practicing writer. Current areas of faculty specialization include poetry and poetics (including digital poetics), the novel, micro-fiction, creative non-fiction, writing for children, ficto-criticism, and radio and short film scripts.

    English 190 and 191 are offered as introductory first-year courses. In the second-year, six courses are offered: English 290 (Poetry), English 291 (Fiction), English 292 (Writing for Children), English 293 (Creative Nonfiction), English 295 (Special Topics) and English 296 (Writing for the Stage). Students in these courses gain knowledge of contemporary writing practices, develop their own work in the genre, and experiment with various procedures and techniques. To enroll in English 290, 291, or 292, students need credit for English 190 and 191, or the instructor's permission. To enroll in English 293 and 295 students need credit for English 190 or 191. English 296 students need credit for English 190 or 191, or ACTR 100 and English 100.