Current Students

    • Scholarships, Bursaries, and Awards

      Summer 2016
      - Applications open on March 7, 2016
      - Applications close on May 13, 2016

      Fall 2016
      - Applications open the first week of July 2016
      - Applications close on September 19, 2016


      The Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards Guide is a comprehensive listing of all awards administered by Financial Aid and Awards, and includes details about award-specific eligibility criteria; minimum eligibility criteria applies to all awards. 

      How to Apply
    • Instructions: Online Award Applications

      Important Information:
      Most scholarships, bursaries, and awards can be applied for online by completing one general application.  Individual online applications for specific awards are not required, as Financial Aid and Awards will apply your completed online application to all of the available awards that you qualify for.
      Students in their first term of study should complete the First Semester Bursary online application. 
      All other students should complete the Scholarships, Bursaries, and Awards online application. 
      After you complete your online award application, don't forget to explore Paper-Based Applications below on this webpage for additional awards you may be eligible to apply for.


      How  To Apply

      Log into the Student Information Web Service via myCap using your student login credentials


      Select Student Services > Financial Aid and Awards > Apply for Scholarships, Bursaries, Awards, and Fee Deferrals


      Select the award application you wish to complete (First Semester Bursary, or Scholarships, Bursaries, and Awards)


      Follow the instructions on the application and complete the required  information.


      Read the Declaration at the end of the application, confirm whether you agree, and press the "Submit" button. Partial and/or incomplete applications unfortunately cannot be considered.


      Monitor Student Services > Financial Aid and Awards > Awards Won in your Student Information Web Service throughout the term to see if you have won an award!

      Award recipients will be notified in writing by Financial Aid and Awards by approximately 8 weeks after the application deadline date.    


      Instructions: Paper-Based Award Applications

      Summer 2016 applications are currently being processed. Fall 2016 applications will be available the first week of July 2016.

      Some award opportunities cannot be applied for online, as they require additional application information to be attached. Select paper-based applications for scholarship, bursary, and award opportunities will be found below in PDF format. Each application contains details on specific award criteria, application requirements, and application instructions. Unless otherwise specified, all completed award applications are due by the standard application deadline.

      Instructions: Awards by Nomination

      Awards administered by departmental nomination do not require an application. If you are nominated to receive an award, you will be contacted in writing by Financial Aid and Awards. To accept and claim the award you have been nominated for, Financial Aid and Awards will request that you complete the Award and Scholarship Nominee Statement in your Student Information Web Service via myCap.

    • Supporting Documentation

      For awards with financial need listed as a criteria, if you have exceptional expenses, medical expenses, and/or special financial circumstances that will be a barrier to accessing your education, you may report these expenses on your application and must then submit a letter outlining your circumstances to Financial Aid & Awards.

      The following expenses are automatically factored into your application and are not considered exceptional:
      - Rent/Utilities
      - Food/Toiletries
      - Transportation
      - Tuition/Fees
      - Books/Supplies

      Supporting documentation of your extenuating circumstances must be attached to your letter, and your letter must be received by Financial Aid and Awards no later than the award application deadline. You must include your name, student ID number, relevant details, and your signature on your letter, and must reference the name of the award application (e.g. Bursaries and Financial Need Awards). Submit to Financial Aid and Awards.

      Incomplete Applications

      For awards with financial need listed as a criteria, if you have entered $0 or left all income and asset categories blank and do not have a government student loan notification of assessment as of the award application deadline, your application will be considered incomplete.

      Please ensure that you demonstrate how you have budgeted for your term by answering all questions presented on the application(s). If you have a student line of credit or other resources not reflected on your application, please submit supporting documentation (see above for instructions).

    • All submitted award applications are subject to audit and verification. Financial Aid and Awards conducts audits on a minimum of 5% of applications, and applicants may be required to submit additional supporting documentation as part of the audit process. Awards will be revoked for students who misrepresent themselves on applications.

      Next Steps
    • My Application Status

      Award recipients are notified in writing by Financial Aid and Awards. If you are an award recipient, you are able to obtain details about your award by logging in through the Student Information Web Service via myCap and checking "Financial Aid and Awards" -> "View Scholarships, Bursaries, and Awards  Received".  Awards will be applied to your student account at the University; if the award creates a credit balance, a cheque will be mailed to your current address on file.

      Due to the high volume of applications received each term, only successful applicants are notified of their application status. Disbursement of award funds occurs approximately 8 weeks after the application deadline date; you are encouraged to plan your finances accordingly. 

      Letter of Thank You

      Capilano University appreciates the generosity of donors who make Capilano University a priority in their philanthropy. Award donors give generously because they believe in the importance of education and want to help students pursue their dreams.

      Visit Thank You Matters for information and resources to assist you in writing your letter of Thank You.