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Local Government Administration

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    Since 1994, our practical, up-to-date courses and programs have helped local government professionals throughout BC improve their knowledge, expand their skills and achieve their career goals.

    We offer fourteen courses and four credentials specifically designed for people working for and with local governments in BC. Our four credentials are:

    For more information about each of these programs and our individual courses, please see the links above, core course descriptions and additional links on this home page.

    Leading the way in Local Government Professional Development

    Capilano University has specialized in the development and delivery of practical, up-to-date programs for people working in the field of local government in British Columbia since 1994. These are the Local Government Administration Certificate program, the Advanced Certificate in Local Government Administration program and the Diploma in Local Government Administration program. Also offered in partnership with the Local Government Management Association of BC are four “MATI” (Municipal Administration Training Institute) Programs. Together they allow students to update their professional skills, work towards certification, or both. Chief Administrative Officers around the province tell us that these programs are helping them meet the current challenge of employee recruitment, retention and succession planning.

    Our students are employed in a wide range of management, technical, support and other positions in municipalities, regional districts, improvement districts, local government affiliated organizations and First Nation governments across BC. Many of our hundreds of graduates have told us that not only have our programs helped them improve their skills and knowledge so they can do their current job better, they have also helped them achieve their career goals.

    Our Vision and Purpose

    At Capilano University, our mission is to enable student success. For the School of Public Administration, our vision is to be the first choice in professional development for BC local governments employers and employees, offering excellence in educational experience and helping professionals achieve their career goals. The purpose of our programs are to provide opportunities for participants to gain increased knowledge of the political and organizational realities of local Governments in BC and to identify opportunities for change within these systems. It is expected that participants will be more effective managers, leaders and change agents as a result of their involvement in our programs.

    Our Strengths

    Highly Relevant and Practical Program Content    

    All our programs and courses have been developed in consultation with senior local government professionals and partner organizations, including the Local Government Management Association of BC and the provincial Board of Examiners. Other key partners include the Municipal Finance Authority of BC and CivicInfo BC, which provide invaluable support for program development and promotion.

    Expert Faculty   

    One of the key strengths of Capilano University’s Local Government Programs is our faculty. Our faculty are experienced instructors and professionals, all of whom have held senior positions in local government. They often draw on guest faculty from the field with expertise in specific topic areas. Since 1994, hundreds of local government practitioners have volunteered their time and expertise to our courses, helping to develop a new generation of local government leaders. 

    Interactive Courses for Working Professionals  

    All courses are “in-person” seminars, providing opportunities to learn through group exercises, presentations, discussion and direct interaction with faculty. We strive to keep our programs affordable and accessible, designed to meet the needs of people working full time in the field of local government.  

    Program Highlights:

      Course Details:  Certificate, Advanced Certificate and  Diploma Programs Course Details:  MATI Programs


    Each course is 6 days in length.

    Classes are held all day Friday and Saturday 1 weekend a month for 3 months.

    These courses are taught over 1 week (residential) - Sunday to following Friday.  


    Fall – 1 weekend in each of September, October and November.

    Spring – 1 weekend in each of January, February and March

    Three MATI courses are held in the spring each year, and one MATI is held each fall.


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