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School of Communication

  • Our Vision

    Communication practices, strategies, and media are central to social and professional life, providing a foundation for the negotiation of workplace and interpersonal situations and for the development of meaningful social relationships. The School of Communication believes that the nature of communication calls for combined attention to professional practice and critical study in order to enhance students’ ability to both engage in and reflect upon communication and its wider cultural and social contexts. To this end, we offer courses in professional writing and speech, interpersonal communications, and the critical analysis of communication industries, media and messages.

    Our Values

    The School of Communication faculty believe that clear writing and speech require both clear thinking and sound choice of words appropriate to the occasion and the audience. We believe that to write and speak well, one must read and listen well. We also believe that communication has a context, and that a critical, informed view of communication can foster the best of communications practice. We promote this philosophy in our coursework, in our internal communications, and in the information we give the public.

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to educate students about critical perspectives and practical strategies in communications that will help them make informed choices and achieve their academic, personal, and career goals. Our students come from diverse backgrounds, work in diverse media, and pursue diverse careers. We strive to recognize this diversity in our teaching and provide a framework for learning which respects the changing contexts in which communication occurs. We succeed when our students succeed — by writing, speaking, and thinking well in the classroom, in the workplace, in the world.

    Our Courses

    Courses in the School of Communication present students with opportunities for the development of a wide array of knowledge and skills - ranging from critical engagement with media messages and technologies, to the practice of public relations and cultural journalism, from the study of the development of popular culture to foundational skills in professional writing, editing, and presentations.

    Many communications courses carry credit as electives in academic and business programs. The writing practice and experience in presentations help students excel in other courses. As well, the writing assignments often help students obtain jobs both in the summer between academic sessions, and after they graduate.

    Communications also designs and delivers courses tailored to the needs of various career programs. Among the programs we serve are Business Administration, Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Management, Legal Administrative Assistant, and Early Childhood Care and Education.

    In addition, we offer a number of "open" courses to equip students with general skills, from basic writing to freelance journalism.