Bachelor of Arts in Applied Behaviour Analysis - Autism

  • Applied Behavior Analysis – Autism

    The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis – Autism is a highly sought after and unique degree in British Columbia. In fact it is the only baccalaureate program in Western Canada that blends rigorous academic training and professional supervised experience that results in graduates who are immediately eligible to sit for the exam to become Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts (BCaBA).

    JOBS – Our graduates report 100% employment in their chosen areas! Many of our grads successfully pass the exam to become BCaBA level clinicians. With the prevalence of autism at 1 in 68 children, there is currently a shortage of trained BCaBAs to serve this population. However, opportunities are not only in the behavioral treatment of autism. Approximately 35% advance to graduate school in Applied Behavior Analysis and Special Education and others branch off into other areas where their ABA training is an asset, such as law school, counseling psychology, and teacher education training.

    Those interested in sampling Applied Behavior Analysis course work are encouraged to contact the program Coordinator, Dr. Richard Stock, for more information

    Beginning in January 2016 we will be offering a new entry-level course called ABA 100 Introduction to Behavior Principles. This course is open to all interested students and offers a practical introduction to the science of ABA.

    Applications for Fall 2016 are now closed!