Roy Jantzen 2

Roy Jantzen

Masters degree in Environmental Education & Communication

Instructor - Faculty of Global and Community Studies

Roy Jantzen is a professor of Natural History, Ecotourism, and Environmental Stewardship in the Faculty of Global and Community Studies at Capilano University. He particularly excels in and enjoys teaching students in Outdoor Recreation and Wilderness Leadership. For over two decades, Roy has helped educate the public about the importance of biodiversity and our human place within it. Though he has a passion for local ecosystems and the species that inhabit them, he also has a strong desire to relate the environment to our lives and to larger planetary issues. Using information that he also shares in his natural history courses, he recently published a book entitled, Active Vancouver: A Year-Round Guide to Outdoor Recreation in the City’s Natural Environments.

In addition, Roy has stayed closely connected to the adventure industry in BC and the Yukon. He leads an ecotourism and consulting company he began 23 years ago, has organized multiple industry advisory committees, and continues to facilitate student connections to adventure business owners and operators. Roy holds a Master of Environmental Education and Communication from Royal Roads University and asks, “Shouldn’t all education be environmental education?”


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