Email For Applicants & Students

    • Email for Applicants and Students is now hosted on the Microsoft Office365 service.

      This service provides a full featured e-mail client that works on all the common Web browsers available on Windows and Mac OS/X.

      1. Use your EMAIL ADDRESS as your User name. For example:
      2. Your password for student email (Office365) is the same as it was in the old WebMail system.; 
      3. If you change your password in the Student Information Web Service, it will also change your email password.

      Student Email Login

      Helpful Hints

      • You can log into your email account directly from
      • For information on how to import all of your mail and appointments from the old WebMail system and how to connect to email from your mobile device as well as other helpful information go to the Student Email Service page.
      • Student email addresses can be viewed by logging in to the Student Information Web Service and accessing the View Email Addresses option under the Personal Information menu.
      • Student email addresses are provided to applicants in acknowledgement letters.
      • You can change your student email password by changing your password in the Student Information Web Service.