Email For Applicants & Students

    • Email for Applicants and Students is now hosted on the Microsoft Office365 service.

      This service provides a full featured e-mail client that works on all the common Web browsers available on Windows and Mac OS/X.

      1. Use your EMAIL ADDRESS as your User name.
        For example:
      2. Your password for student email (Office365) is the same as it was in the old WebMail system.;
      3. If you change your password in the Student Information Web Service, it will also change your email password.

      Student Email Login

      Helpful Hints

      • You can log into your email account directly from
      • For information on how to import all your mail and appointments from the old WebMail system and how to connect to you e-mail from your mobile device as well as other helpful information go to the Student Email Service page.
      • Student e-mail addresses can be viewed by logging in to the Student Information Web Service and accessing the View E-mail Addresses option under the Personal Information menu.
      • Student e-mail addresses are provided to applicants in acknowledgement letters.
      • You can change your student email password by changing your password in the Student Information Web Service.