Frequently Asked Questions

    • What if I’m a senior enrolled in credit courses at Capilano?

      If you are enrolled in at least one credit course, you will be entitled to a U-Pass. 

      If you have a non-transferable TransLink transit pass or a government or BC Bus Pass, you may request to be exempt from the U-Pass BC Program each term you are enrolled and eligible for the program. Please see U-Pass Exemption for instructions on how to apply for an exemption. 

      Can I claim my transit costs in my income tax return?

      Check Revenue Canada's website for the current regulation on claiming Transit Tax Credits. If you need proof that you were charged and paid the U-Pass BC fee, you can print an Account Summary from your Student Information online account.

      How do I obtain more transit information?

      Please see TransLink for transit information and Trip Planner. If you have a Customer Service issue, TransLinkCustomer Relations can be reached at (604) 953-3040, between 8:00am and 4:00pm Monday – Friday, or online at TransLink Customer Comment.

      Next Bus: Send a text message to "33333" with the 5-digit number found at your bus stop sign to receive a schedule of the next six buses texted directly to your mobile phone.

      Google Maps and TransLink Trip Planner now allows you to plan your transit trip in Metro Vancouver with Google Transit.

      Is my personal information protected?

      Capilano University gathers and maintains personal information for the purposes of providing identification, services and other fundamental activities related to your being a member of the University community. The use of any personal information collected by the University is governed by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act of the Province of British Columbia.

      Who is ineligibe for the U-Pass?

      The following are automatically exempt:

      • Any student who is not assessed Capilano Students' Union fees.
      • Employees, even if they are also students in credit courses.
      • Students of non-credit Continuing Education courses.
      • Online students

      Under what circumstances would I be entitled to a refund?

      The fee may be reversed if all credit courses are dropped by the end of the Add/Drop period. The full U-Pass fee is assessed upon registration each term.

      When is the U-Pass fee assessed?

      The full U-Pass fee is assessed upon registration each term.

      Who determines the cost of the U-Pass?

      The U-Pass cost is determined by TransLink and was approved by the Capilano Students’ Union student referendum.

      When can I start using my U-Pass?

      Each monthly pass is valid only for the month to which it applies.

      Can I "opt in" to the U-Pass program?

      No, students may not opt in to the program.

      Can I "opt out" of the U-Pass program?

      All students, with limited exceptions, who pay Capilano Students' Union fees and attend classes at the North Vancouver campus will be assessed a mandatory U-Pass BC fee.


      General Information  regarding U-Pass BC - Compass Card

      Translink U-Pass BC - Compass Card

      For questions regarding eligibility

      Cashiers’ Office
      Birch building, room BR214
      Tel: 604.984.1786

      What if my U-Pass is lost, stolen, damaged or defective?

      Replacement Compass Cards can be obtained from TransLink at vending machines at all London Drugs, skytrain and seabus stations, by phone at 604-398-2042 or online at the Translink website. There is a $6 deposit that is fully refundable.

      What is the cost of the Capilanou U-Pass BC?

      The cost is currently $164 per term payable at the time registration fees are due.

      How do I obtain the following month's U-Pass BC?

      Go to the Translink student website every month to request your monthly U-Pass benefit. It will be available on the 16th of the month before. (Eg: Your U-Pass BC benefit will be available December 16 for your January U-Pass.)

      Compass Card

      View Translinks U-Pass BC Compass FAQs (at the bottom of the page)