Refundable Beverage Containers

    • Encorp Pacific (Canada) and Capilano University are currently working together to improve refundable collection and participation on campus. 

      Highlights of this program include:

      • Blue rolling bins for refundable cold beverage containers (glass, plastic and aluminum and tetra pak) are located throughout the North Vancouver campus.  
      • Classrooms equiped with 3 containers (refundable, mixed paper and waste).
      • Refundable containers are collected once weekly by ABD Recycling Solutions.
      • Funds collected from this program are used to expand recycling and community engagement activities. 

      If you have any questions regarding this program, please email to Sustainability.

      Remember... as with all recycling programs putting the correct item into the correct bin makes a HUGE difference to the success of the program.  So.... if in doubt... keep it out!