Internal Mail Outs

    • Reduction of 529 copies per mail out! 3.2% towards our goal.

      Capilano's 'Print Smarter' awareness campaign included a review of paper-based communications to the University through internal mail-outs. We wanted to put a 'green' filter on our process; reduce the number of unread/unwanted notices (flyers, brochures, etc.) that ultimately end up in recycling, without impacting on communications.

      In 2009, as project lead, Jane Callow, Support Services Supervisor, contacted each area/department and asked:

      • Does your area/department have a shared bulletin board for posting internal University notices?
        • Yes? What is the fewest number of flyers that could meet your area/department needs?
        • No? Do you have space for a shared bulletin board and would you like one?
      • You currently receive xxx copies of all internal distributions. What is the minimum number of copies you require ensuring your departmental needs will still be met?

      Jane's comments: " I think it was a huge success - and I received positive feedback!"

      The Results
      2011 Distributions   

      17 distributions x 200 copies = 3,400 sheets of paper

      17 distributions x 80 copies = 1,360 sheets of paper

      Total: 4,760 sheets of paper used

      2010 Distributions  

      11 distributions x 200 copies = 2,200 sheets of paper

      16 distributions x 80 copies = 1,280 sheets of paper

      Total: 3,480 sheets of paper used

      2009 Distributions    

      20 distributions x 783 copies = 15,660 sheets of paper

      26 distributions x 254 copies = 6,604 sheets of paper

      7 distributions x 80 copies = 560 sheets of paper

      Total: 22,824 sheets of paper used

      2008 Distributions    

      86 distributions x 783 copies = 67,338 sheets of paper