• Environmentally Friendly Products

      Carbon Neutral Action Reporting to the Provincial Government includes understanding energy consumption of major appliances on campus. Since 2009 all new appliances purchased for Capilano University must be energy star rated. To facilitate tracking and to ensure compliance all purchases for electrical appliances are ordered through the Purchasing department.  

      Energy Efficient Products

      EnergyGuide is the official Government of Canada mark associated with the labeling and rating of the energy consumption or energy efficiency of not only household appliances and room air conditioners, but also heating and ventilation equipment – such as gas and propane furnaces, air-to-air heat pumps, central air conditioners and gas fireplaces as required by Canada’s Energy Efficiency Regulations.The Regulations establish energy efficiency standards for a wide range of energy-using products, with the objective of eliminating the least efficient products from the Canadian market.

      Energy Star Symbol

      The ENERGY STAR® symbol goes one step further and identifies specific models that meet or exceed premium levels of energy efficiency. The ENERGY STAR symbol can also appear on an EnerGuide label on qualified products. Today, the ENERGY STAR symbol can be found on about 50 types of products, including major appliances; electronics; heating, cooling and ventilating equipment (residential); lighting; office equipment; windows doors and skylights; and commercial products.

      For more information visit NRCAN website.

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