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    • There are many ways faculty and students can participate in sustainability on campus initiatives. Instructors are encouraged to contact the Facilities Director to find out ways to incorporate what's happening on campus into their course curriculum. Students are encouraged to find ways to compliment their course material with project work that is directly related to sustainability on campus. 

      An example of a great Zero Waste project from Fall 2014 was created by a group in BADM 218. This video was filmed and edited by Saige Woolley. The actors include Jessica Heward, Luke Tully, Devan Woolley, Saige Woolley and Kavan Singh - All students at Capilano U.

      • One correction to note beginning at 0:49, what the group has referred to as Recyclables - is actually labelled Beverage Containers in our Zero Waste Stations. Therefore, tin cans should be omitted from this bin (should go in blue Containers bin instead), as this Beverage Containers bin was formerly Refundables (any beverage container that can be returned for a deposit refund). Watch the video!

      Check out this other example of a student project in the Spring 2014 semester related to 'Reducing Wood Waste' campaign created by three students in REC 245. This project was a great success, and had the support of many people on campus:

       Noodle Video
       Use Your Noodle When It Comes To Coffee Blog

      Examples from prior years include: