Your Time to Shine

What is Let's Get Consensual?

Working as a community, Let's Get Consensual (LGC) aims to shift the culture on campus from one that glorifies sexual violence, to a culture of consent. LGC provides a safe, non-judgmental space to learn more about consent and challenge what you thought you knew about it. We are working to make consent the norm at Capilano.

Through LGC you will:

  1. Become familiar with definitions of sexual assault, consent, and sexual violence.
  2. Understand the myths and truths of sexualized violence.
  3. Learn how to break down rape culture.
  4. Identify the elements of consent and how they function.

Want to get more involved and really make a difference?

Be a knowledge holder on campus and become a peer leader with Let’s Get Consensual. By becoming an LGC peer leader you can attend CSU and University events as a voice for the campaign, offer help and information through interactive outreach, and receive a very cool Let’s Get Consensual shirt.

Becoming a peer leader is easier than it sounds. All LGC peer leaders are required to attend and complete the Let's Get Consensual workshop and Responding to Disclosures training. What's even better is that these workshops AND being a peer leader can be included on your co-curricular record!

Apply today by filling out this Peer Leader application.