The Role of Learning Skills Services

Learning Skills Services at Capilano University helps students reach their academic goals by teaching them how to study both effectively and efficiently.

Services Offered

Learning Skills Services provide a number of different services on campus, including:

  • Study Skills Workshops
  • Course Specific Study Skills Workshops
  • USS 100 Student Success Course (3 credits)
  • Individual Learning Skills Assistance
  • Study Skills Handouts
  • Learning Lab
  • Micro Sessions

See below for descriptions of these services.

Study Skills Workshops

Every Fall and Spring semester, the Learning Specialist offers a variety of study skills workshops. These workshops are free of charge and cover topics such as:

  • Time Management
  • Lecture Note-Taking
  • Textbook Reading
  • Exam Preparation/Exam Writing, and
  • Giving Oral Presentations.

Course Specific Study Skills Workshops

At the invitation of course instructors, the Learning Specialist presents in-class workshops on a variety of study skills topics. In these cases, every effort is made to use the students course work and assignments to increase their understanding of the study skills taught. To invite the Learning Specialist to teach an in-class study skills workshop, please send an email to Steve Vogel.

Student Success Course (3 credits)

Both the Learning Specialist and a Counsellor, teach the University Student Success course, USS 100 - Academic and Personal Skills for Success, every Fall and Spring Semester. This course is designed to help students develop both the study skills and personal skills they need to be successful at the post secondary level. For more information on USS 100, please visit University Success Strategies.

Individual Learning Skills Assistance

The Learning Specialist is available to meet with students on an individual basis, to discuss their academic concerns and difficulties and to provide individual study skills instruction. To book an appointment, please call the Counselling & Learning Support Department during regular office hours, at 604 984 1744, or drop by our office in Birch Building, room 267 to make an appointment in person.

Learning Skills Assistance at the Regional Campuses

For information on the services offered by the Learning Specialist at the Sunshine Coast campus, please contact the Sechelt Regional Campus receptionist at 604 986 1911, local 5900 (toll-free), or at 604 885 9310.