Capilano University creates its campus energy plans with sustainability in mind. We encourage you to get involved in achieving our energy goals. You can start by turning off lights and appliances when you're not using them. We aim to buy Energy Star-certified products and materials whenever possible.

Energy management actions

To conserve energy on campus, we have:

  • Updated equipment to energy-smart models
  • Closed buildings when not in regular use (in the summer and during holidays)

Usage for both our electricity (24% decrease) and our natural gas (48% decrease) have been dramatically reduced as of March 2018 (when compared to our 2007 consumption levels).

CapU energy policy

CapU Sustainability has partnered with BC Hydro Power Smart and Fortis BC to modernize CapU's energy-consuming equipment. Careful selection of our energy sources, fuel types, appliances, electronics, software and monitoring systems helps CapU conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. More details are in CapU's Energy Policy (pdf).

Future energy targets

As the campus grows, CapU develops new energy management strategies. CapU involves the campus community in energy planning discussions and, when invited, provides input on energy management to the community at large.

See the Energy FAQs on our FAQs page or contact us at for more information.

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