What are the benefits to being a Peer Helper?

There are many benefits of becoming a Peer Helper:

  • Reference letters provided to Peer Helpers by staff or faculty overseeing the program
  • Access to professional development opportunities are increased
  • Increased opportunities for connecting with other students on campus
  • Enhanced leadership skills through training and the peer helping experience
  • Being a Peer Helper is a Co-Curricular Record approved activity

What teams have Peer helpers?

Each of the teams below are part of the Peers Helping Peers program. They each have unique roles that the Peer Helper would take on. Some focus more on one-to-one support, others support larger groups of students, and some do more outreach.

  • Accessibility Mentors
  • Autism Mentoring Project
  • Athletic and Recreation Peer Support Coach
  • CapU Works
  • Chat Café
  • Career Development CapCAT
  • Education and Employment Access Program
  • Indigenous Mentorship Program
  • International Leadership and Mentorship Program
  • Portfolio Project
  • Residence Life
  • Starting For Success
  • Let's Get Consensual Peer Helper
  • Writing Centre

How does the application process work for Peers Helping Peers?

This is a centralized recruitment form for multiple Peer Helper teams. By filling out this form, your application will be sent to all teams that you indicate in question 9. Those teams will then follow up with you separately for next steps in the recruitment process if you are a potential fit with their team. You can be a Peer Helper for multiple teams, as long as you can balance it with your academic commitments.

The form below is the whole application; no resume or cover letter needed.

Please read the job descriptions (pdf) to better understand the roles, as they also have different time commitments and compensation. Only five teams are accepting Peer Helper applications through this form currently. If you have any questions about this form or the teams please email studentaffairs@capilanou.ca.

Applications are open till March 11th. The roles that are open currently for applications are looking for students to start in Fall 2019.