The logo for EarthWorks as of Fall, 2019.

EarthWorks is celebrating its 10th year!

This year's theme reflects the urgent need for humankind to construct ways of living that are in balance with the natural world, and highlights ways that we can all participate in transformational change.

Fall 2021 & Spring 2022 series

Each term, EarthWorks hosts several events featuring guest speakers. If you miss an event, check out the video recordings in our EarthWorks showcase on Kaltura. 

Upcoming EarthWorks Events

Envision: The Big Picture

"Ways of speaking become ways of thinking. We need to learn to think differently."
Chief Phil Lane Jr., Ihanktonwan Dakota and Chickasaw Nations

Earthworks is launching the year with a compelling documentary, Envision: The Big Picture. Psychiatrist Joe Neidhardt states that to treat the symptoms alone misses the big picture, and sets out to explore the moral, spiritual, and economic aspects of climate change.

A breadth of voices — Indigenous scholars, artists, philosophers, economists, agriculturalists, scientists, and anthropologists — address the multi-faceted historical and present-day drivers of profound disengagement with the natural world and importantly remind us that there is no shortage of opportunities to take meaningful action.

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EarthWorks: Our Mission

EarthWorks is an ambitious initiative spearheaded by students, staff and faculty from the University's Biology, English, Geography, Liberal Studies, Tourism and Outdoor Recreation, Motion Picture Arts and Documentary Film programs and beyond.

Students participating in three lectures and one environmental restoration event per term receive an EarthWorks notation on their transcript. Co-curricular credits can also be earned for volunteer work.

Educate and inspire students as well as members of the campus and the local community to understand complex environmental issues from a multi-disciplinary perspective, enabling all to take action for positive change.


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