Fall/Spring 2020/2021 information

CapU housing remains open and will continue to provide accommodation to CapU students through academic year 2020/2021 semester. If you are in need of housing for academic year 2020, you can apply at How to Apply.

Students will be required to be enrolled in at least 9 credits each term (in-person or online) to maintain their eligibility for CapU student housing.

All communications from CapU Housing will be sent to your student email account and your residence portal. Continue to check your Capu email and residence portal for updates to your application.

When you are offered a room in residence, an email will be sent to your CapU email and residence portal. The offer email contains information about how to proceed and accept your offer. The offer email also contains the deadline to accept the offer. If you don't accept your offer by the deadline, the offer will expire and your application will be cancelled.

Contact housing for more information.

Following the advice of the Health Authorities, we will be offering single rooms to everyone who have applied for housing and is selected to get a room. Make sure you read your offer letter and residence contract to understand the conditions of your offer.

CapU Housing will be open for academic year 2020/2021 and operating at a reduced capacity. Applications for Spring 2021 are now open, visit our application portal to apply.

General information

By transit: CapU student fees include a U-Pass, giving students unlimited access to TransLink bus, rail and ferry services. To get between campus and residence, students catch the #212 bus to Phibbs Exchange and change to the #239 bus to CapU. The total trip takes about 20 minutes. The #212 bus provides service every 30 minutes, and the #239 bus provides service every 10 to 12 minutes. Visit Translink Mobile Services for more details.

By bike: An on-street bike route connects the campus with the Dollarton CapU Residence. Convenient outside bike storage is provided on campus and at the residence.

By car share: CapU and Evo are partnering to bring car sharing to CapU and CapU Residence. The pilot project will give students more options for getting between the campus and residence.

By car: Limited parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Costs, if any, are still being considered. It is important to note that demand for parking spaces may, at times, exceed the space available. All vehicles must be registered with student housing upon move-in. Students are encouraged to use transit, cycle or car share.

Demand for student housing is high. Students need access to safe, clean and comfortable housing that is also reasonable. The off-campus location is the first phase of student housing to meet that demand. Our goal is to provide student housing in on- and off-campus residences. Planning is underway as we look at options to best serve our campus community. Our longer-term plans include on-campus housing.

Please visit Apply For Residence for detailed information and to submit your application.

Our application process is open to current and prospective students who have applied for or been admitted to Capilano University. Our application system will require you to log in using your student login username and password. If you do not yet have your student login information and have already submitted an application to CapU, please contact housing@capilanou.ca for assistance. All current and new students, who are registered full-time (nine credits) at CapU are eligible for residence.

Summer Eligibility: During the Summer term, students are not required to be enrolled in courses in order to live in residence, but must have studied at CapU during the previous (Spring) term.

Students who apply for residence by the deadline in each application round will receive priority consideration. Most of our double rooms are prioritized for students entering their first year of studies at Capilano University, with additional consideration given to international students and students living outside of areas local to North Vancouver.

Our single rooms (and limited apartments) are prioritized for students continuing their studies at Capilano University and students with an identified need for special accommodation. Additional consideration will also be given to students who have previously lived in CapU Residence.

No. The shared accommodation is only suitable for individual residents.

The residence fees include a bed, storage, desk, chair and closet for each student. Rooms are equipped with high-speed, wireless Internet. Each floor in Residence includes a common lounge, shared washroom and shared showers. The fee also includes a daily meal plan that provides a range of healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner options in the dining hall as well as $500 in dining dollars that can be used for meals on campus.

During the application process, you will be asked to create a profile and screen name to be used in our online roommate matching portal. Shared accommodations are single gender only. Through the portal, you will be given the opportunity to browse prospective roommates and compare interests to select the best fit for you.

No pets are allowed. Guide and service dogs are permitted, but must be registered with Student Housing Services and Accessibility Services.  

In partnership with CapU’s Accessibility Services, we are taking steps to make these older buildings more accessible for everyone, including automatic door access to the main residence building (Grouse Hall) and to the dining hall. The washrooms and showers are also universally accessible. In addition, Accessibility Services will continue to work with Student Housing to address student needs and make the property more accessible and inclusive for all ages and abilities. 

For all inquiries or to book an appointment with an Accessibility Services Advisor, please call 604 983 7526 or for an email response at access-serv@capilanou.ca

CapU Residence is located in a growing neighbourhood with a number of amenities and services within short walking, biking or transit distance. Amenities includes coffee shops, restaurants, grocery shopping and social activities such as rock climbing and laser tag.

Arrival and move-in

In August, you will receive an email update on your CapU email address and your residence portal, about your specific move-in date and time and additional details.

We may extend our move-in over a period of two days starting Sept. 2 to allow more physical distancing and support smaller community integration. More information will be emailed to your CapU email accounts in August.

The answer to this question will depend on where you are coming from. Students coming from within Canada will not have to self-isolate. Students coming from outside Canada will need to isolate for 14 days before moving into residence.

For more information regarding this process, see our Travel and Self Isolation Information for International Students.  

At this time, visitors from other provinces within Canada can enter B.C. and do not need to isolate. People coming from outside B.C. are expected to abide by all Public Health protocols.

The Government of Canada has implemented travel restrictions for foreign nationals for non-essential discretionary travel.

Should these restrictions change, and Canada begin to permit such travel, CapU Housing would love to welcome you to our community.

The exception to non-essential travel are international students who were issued study permits prior to March 18, 2020.

As part of the Quarantine Act, travelers entering Canada are required by law to self-isolate for 14 days and complete a self-isolation plan.

Travellers must submit a B.C. self-isolation plan and complete the federal ArriveCAN application for approval prior to entering B.C., or upon arrival. Our Travel and Self Isolation Information for International Students webpage provides the details you need. Please contact the Centre for Internationl Experience at cie@capilanou.ca for more information and assistance.

Students entering Canada need to arrange their 14 days isolation off campus and must complete the isolation off campus prior to moving into CapU housing.

At this time, we will not have student athletes or Residence Advisors assisting with moving students into rooms due to physical distancing requirements. 

Students are permitted to have one family member/friend to assist them with their move.

You will be asked to only bring one (1) person to help you move in. You and your helper must wear a mask while on residence property.

Living in Residence during COVID-19

Although we will not be able to meet you in person for Residence Orientation, we have created a virtual orientation experience that will provide you with everything you need to know about living in Residence.

Details about how to access this will be emailed to your CapU email accounts.

Housing services have created an Addendum for academic year 2020-21. Housing services have posted occupancy limits in all shared spaces within our buildings.

COVID-19 signage have been placed in all entrances, halls, and shared spaces. Hand sanitizers and hand soaps dispensers have been places in various location around our buildings.

Cleaning and sanitizing of shared and common spaces are done more frequently.

While the restrictions may require us to limit interaction in physical spaces, our team is working hard to adapt our current practices and design exceptional experiences for you.

This may mean that we interact in smaller groups, one-on-one and virtually. It may not look like it has in previous years, but we are committed to providing you with a great Residence experience – even in the most challenging times!

Yes, but there will be restrictions in place. Occupancy limits will be posted outside and inside these room and compliance of this limit will be enforced.

The safety of everyone in our community is important to us. Therefore every student in residence will be in a room by themselves for 2020/21 and we will charge every student the double room rate.

Students moving into residence in September are committed to the terms and conditions of the 8-month 2020-21 Residence Agreement.

We ask that you contact us at housing@capilanou.ca when you need to move out and we will provide you with information based on your situation.

When you move into Residence, it is your responsibility to comply with the conditions outlined in the Residence Agreement and Standards. If you withdraw from residence because you are no longer registered in courses, you will be credited residence fees from the day you move out, less a processing and administration fee of $500.

Students who remain in courses who move out of residence are not entitled to any credit of residence fees. Please refer to the Residence Agreement for the full policy on withdrawing from residence after moving in.

Yes. More information regarding services and hours will be provided during Orientation.

Safety Procedures

There will be many procedures put in place to promote a healthy living environment for our residents.

Please ensure you read the COVID-19 guidelines and follow all Rights and Responsibilities.

All students, employees and visitors present on our main campus, CapU Residence and kálax-ay/Sunshine Coast campus are asked to wear a non-medical mask in all indoor common areas. These areas include building entryways, atriums, hallways, stairwells, washrooms and study areas. Masks are also required in situations where risk assessments have confirmed two-metre distancing is not possible.

Confined corridors, contained washrooms and narrow staircases—along with larger spaces where people tend to gather—all create physical distancing challenges. Combined with other safety measures including frequent hand-washing and staying home when sick, non-medical masks are a protective measure in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Masks will be available for purchase on campus. Those unable to wear a mask are expected to maintain a safe distance from others.

Learn more about how to safely and effectively wear a mask from the BC Centre for Disease Control.

We will provide every resident with two face coverings and a small bottle of hand sanitizer.

Residents should bring their own Personal Protective Equipment as needed.

Residence Life will be following up with students who are not practicing physical distancing through our conduct process.

Residents who test positive for COVID-19 will be moved to an area where they can appropriately self-isolate.

Additional cleaning and sanitizing are done in the shared spaces that may have been impacted by a resident who tests positive.

Residents who need to self-isolate will be provided with support from Student Housing Services.

Facilities (cleaning, etc.)

Prior to arrival, our cleaning team will clean and prepare your residence rooms.

After you have arrived, it is the student’s responsibility to clean their own room.

Our custodial services team will be responsible for cleaning common areas such as washrooms, shower, laundry, common/lounge room, hallways and stairwells.

If you notice something that needs cleaning, put in a maintenance request and the work will be allocated to our maintenance or cleaning staff.

Housing Services has added cleaning staff and extended daily cleaning hours in shared spaces.

Laundry rooms will be open to students 24/7 and in-room occupancy limits will be posted inside and outside the room.

Instructions and protocols to follow while in the laundry room and prior to and following use of machines will be posted in the laundry rooms.

It is the student’s responsibility to wipe-down the touch points of the washers and dryers prior to and after use.

General cleaning by custodial staff will be completed frequently in all laundry areas.

Meal Plans

Due to the impact of COVID-19, we are not able to offer an all-you-care-to-eat meal plan. Starting September 2020, our meal plan will a declining balance meal plan.

The declining balance meal plan operates like a debit card. We load your meal plan dollar onto your student card and every time you make a food purchase, the cost is subtracted from the dollar balance remaining in your account.

Enrollment in the meal plan is mandatory to ensure that all residents have access to regular meals during a busy academic year. The residence meal plan provides a rotating menu of healthy and hearty options to ensure that students can choose from a variety of options during each meal time. Unspent dollars amounts remaining at the end of each term will expire and are non-transferable.

Due to the impact of COVID-19, we are not able to offer an all-you-care-to-eat meal plan. Starting in September, we are changing our meal plan to a declining-balance meal plan.

There are limited food services available on campus.