The successful student needs to know how to plan, time manage and organize a semester, make good lecture and text notes, prepare for exams and much more.

Having well-developed learning strategies is associated with improved learning and grades.

Learning Support Services at CapU offers academic support to students and facilitates enhanced performance by:

  • teaching strategies to study efficiently and effectively;
  • strengthening students’ learning inside and outside the classroom; and
  • changing unsatisfying academic results.

Learning Support Appointments

Learning Support provides individualized education and support to all students who want to develop a greater awareness of what is required to learn course content.

The Learning Specialist synthesizes interview, diagnostic, and education data to understand you as a learner. Working together you will build a student success action plan:

  • Understand what you need to do;
  • Know the action steps to get there; and
  • Chart your progress en route.

Need to speak with someone urgently regarding an academic concern? Drop in daily for a short individualized support session on academic skills and recommendations to enhance performance.

To schedule a confidential, one-hour single session or continuing learning strategy development appointments, email or call 604 984 1744

Expect more than one appointment for a deeper exploration of more long standing academic challenges.

Accountability check-ins of 20 minutes duration are available to reinforce newly learned strategies and turn them into productive habits.

Set your group up for success by arranging a session with Learning Support Services on strategies for effective group project work involving communication, planning, roles and accountability for every step of the way.

Learning Support Skills Webinars

These 50-minute webinars are free of charge, open to all students, and cover what you need to know to be an efficient and effective learner.

Check back for the Fall 2020 Webinar Schedule.

How to prioritize tasks. 

Become an active reader and retain more information.

Develop an effective note-taking system.

Apply simple review for success. 

Get in touch with your individual learning process and develop preparation techniques.

Learn how to plan and deliver interesting presentations. 

Learn how to maximize your team’s time and effort for successful project completion. 

Learning Support skill resources & guides

USS100 – Introduction to University Success Strategies (3 credits)

The Introduction to University Success Strategies course, USS100 - Academic and Personal Skills for Success, is taught every Fall and Spring semester. This course is designed to help students develop both the study skills and personal skills they need to be successful at university.  

Learning Skills Assistance at the Regional Campuses

For information on the services offered by the Learning Specialist at the Sunshine Coast campus, please contact the Sechelt Regional Campus receptionist at 604 986 1911, local 5900 (toll-free), or at 604 885 9310.