General guidelines

Employers must adhere to all federal and provincial legislation pertaining to recruitment and other activities that may affect students and graduates of Capilano University.

It is not our role to monitor the recruiting practices of employers, but the Career Development Centre reserves the right to ban or suspend an employer from participating in any of its events and/or services based on student complaints, behaviour or actions by the employer contrary to the employer guidelines, and for any reason deemed necessary by Capilano University's Career Development Centre.  

We do not regularly vet or screen employers, although we reserve the right to contact you for more information and to refuse to post your advertisement. Please note any advertisement asking students for an upfront payment or a photograph of themselves can be considered discriminatory/unethical and we may refuse to post your advertisement. Any start-up costs (for example clothing, equipment, product, licensing fee) must be clearly identified in the job posting.

Please note that at Capilano University we do not post overseas opportunities as we are unable to easily verify the positions that we are encouraging our students to apply to.  Thank you for your understanding.

Unpaid internships

Current legislation in British Columbia requires at least minimum wage as hourly remuneration for positions which are classified as “work”. Because of this, Capilano University will no longer accept postings for unpaid internships unless these are for a not-for-profit organization. 

The following links will be able to provide you with thorough information about the Employment Standards Act: 

How to post your opportunity

Visit our Career Hub login page. If you already have an account with us, login in with your email address and password. To create an account, please register by clicking the ‘Employer Registration’ option under the ‘Employer’ menu on the top right corner of the login page.


Please ensure the use of proper spelling and grammar in your job posting as the Career Development Centre does not edit the postings for you.


Please do the following to post a job or volunteer opportunity in Career Hub:

  1. On the left-side navigation bar, navigate to ‘Career Hub’ then to ‘Job Postings’
  2. Click on ‘Post a Job’
  3. If there is an old job posting you wish to reuse, select from ‘My Previous Postings’. Otherwise, click ‘Post a New Job’
  4. Confirm or edit the ‘Company Info’ contact information
  5. Fill in the desired job details under ‘Job Posting Information’
  6. Under ‘Application Delivery’, input the URL of you company website that hosts the job posting. If possible, please provide the full link that points to the specific job posting
  7. Fill in the field under ‘Application Information’
  8. Click ‘Preview Posting’ to view the final version of your job posting
  9. If you are targeting students from a specific program(s), you can indicate this by checking the relevant ‘Job Category’ (multiple selections permitted) under ‘Additional Information’
  10. If ready, click ‘Submit Posting for Approval’
  11. Please wait for approval from CapU’s ‘Career Hub’ support team (within 72hrs)
  12. That’s it!


If you experience any difficulties posting your opportunity, please contact us at cdc@capilanou.ca or 604 984 4965.