Other Learning Support Services

Counselling Services

Counselling Services offer a free and confidential appointment and drop-in services, to enrolled students. Counsellors can help with many personal issues, as well as support career exploration processes.

Accessibility Services (formerly Disability Services)

Accessibility Services is the point of entry for students with disabilities who are enrolling in regular University courses and programs. They can provide support to students by arranging for a variety of classroom accommodations and offering other services, including assistance with accessing external funding for services and equipment.

First Nations Services

First Nations Services offer a First Nations Student Advisor and the First Nations Liaison Officer, assist students with course selection, registration, and personal matters. They also liaise with First Nations Band Education officers and University instructors.

Learning Specialist Services

Learning Specialist Services provides scheduled Student Success Workshops and the USS100 Introduction to University Success Strategies course, our Learning Skills Services provide individual assistance to students with specific academic concerns and difficulties. For example, if you are having trouble managing your time, remembering what you read, or doing well on your exams, booking an appointment with the Learning Specialist can help you reach your goals.

Learning Lab

The Learning Lab is an open space where all students are welcome. Students will receive instant feedback and support on a variety of tasks, including: 

  • assignment breakdown,
  • learning how to create a note-taking system, and
  • essay planning and organization just to name a few.