• Dial 911 In Case of Emergency!

    Chemical Spill

    • Spills are an uncontrolled release of a chemical. When handling chemicals, you must have spill control and appropriate personal protective equipment readily available.

      What do I do if I discover a chemical spill?

      If you see a chemical spill, immediately:

      • Call Campus Security at 604.984.1763 and provide the exact location (building, floor, room number).
      • Secure the area and warn others.
      • Evacuate the building.
      • Make sure everyone is safe until Campus Security arrives and provides assistance.
      • Contact Canadian Transport Emergency Centre (CANUTEC) to report a major spill at 613.996.6666 or *666 on a cellular phone.

      When handling chemicals:

      • Read the appropriate Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the products you use and make sure you have the required supplies and protective equipment. 
      • Be familiar with Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) symbols and the risks they represent:
        Gas - Symbol - Resized Flammable Symbol - Resized Class C - Oxidizing Material - Resized 
      Class A - Compressed Gas

      Class B - Flammable Material

      Class C - Oxidizing Material

      Class D - Poison - Div 1 - Resized   Class D - Poison - Div 2 - 87  Class D - Poison - Div 3 - 87 

      Class D - Poisonous/Infectious   

      Immediate/serious toxic effects 

      Class D - Poisonous/Infectious

      Causing other toxic effects

      Class D - Poisonous/Infectious

      Bio-hazard/infectious material

        Class E - Corrosive - Resized Class F - Reactive - Resized 
       Class E - Corrosive Material    

       Class F - Dangerously Reactive Material                                   


      Email preparedness@capilanou.ca or call 604.986.1911 ext. 7464 (local 7464).