Our Team

  • Adam Garland
    Instructor - 3D Animation & Digital Visual Effects

    Adam is a graduate of the Digital Animation program at Capilano University. He has over 15 years of experience dealing with computer technology and  ... [more]

    Adam Sale
    Certified Softimage XSI Instructor, Certificate 3D Animation & Digital Effects (Vancouver Film School), Autodesk Master
    Program Coordinator and Instructor - Digital Visual Effects and 3D Animation

    Adam co-founded Joncrow Entertainment in1998. The company has serviced a varied portfolio of corporate clients in Film, Broadcast, Print and Games; B ... [more]

    anthea-150Anthea Mallinson
    Instructor - Textile Arts

    Trained in Europe as a tapestry weaver and dyer, Anthea has been teaching in Capilano University’s Textile Arts Dept. since 1988 and in the Costuming  ... [more]

    charlotte-150Charlotte Burke
    Instructor - Costuming for Stage & Screen

    Charlotte has made her lifetime career designing and constructing costumes. She achieved a BFA and an MFA in Design For The Theatre. For the past 12 ... [more]

    Claire Queree
    Instructor - School of Motion Picture Arts

    Claire is an producer, writer and educator who began her professional life as a lawyer, receiving her Doctor of Jurisprudence from UBC. Claire later a ... [more]

    Craig Simmons
    Diploma Digital Art & Design, Diploma Fine Arts (TRU), Certified Instructor Development (NewBrunswick)
    Program Coordinator/Instructor - 3D Animation & Animation Fundamentals

    Craig is a graduate of the Thomson Rivers University with diplomas in Digital Art & Design and Fine Arts. In the past twenty years Craig has worked as ... [more]

    David Brisbin
    Instructor - School of Motion Picture Arts

    David Brisbin has production designed more than 25 feature films, ranging from independents like Drugstore Cowboy, My Own Private Idaho, Exorcism of E ... [more]

    David Hauka
    Instructor - School of Motion Picture Arts

    David Hauka received his MFA in Film and Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia in 2008. From 2006 through 2008, he was the Head of  ... [more]

    David GearyDavid Geary
    Instructor - School of Communication, School of Motion Picture Arts, Indigenous Independent Digital Filmmaking

    David Geary teaches in Capilano University's School of Motion Picture Arts, School of Communication and Indigenous Independent Digital Filmmaking prog ... [more]

    DebraDebra Rurak
    Coordinator/Lab Supervisor - School of Motion Picture Arts

    Debra has worked as a film and television editor for the past 30 years. She has worked on approximately 70 different shows, including features, short  ... [more]

    Don PerroDon Perro
    Program Coordinator and Instructor - 2D Animation

    Don founded Capilano’s animation department in 1994 after working in the industry as an animator, character designer, storyboard artist and director i ... [more]

    Dwayne BeaverDwayne Beaver
    Instructor - School of Motion Picture Arts

    Dwayne Beaver is a writer, director and producer working in fllm, television, digital media and animation.  His dramatic credits include The Rhino Bro ... [more]

    Erica Henderson
    Instructor - VFX

    Bio coming soon

    Florian Wagner
    Instructor - School of Motion Picture Arts

    A graduate of Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg’s Institute of Animation and Visual Effects in Ludwigsburg, Germany, Florian has worked in the animation ... [more]

    Greg CoyesGregory Coyes
    Instructor - School of Motion Picture Arts

    Over the last thirty years Greg has worked as an award-winning film maker, a writer, and as a teacher. He has directed programs for all the majo ... [more]

    Ian Gustafson
    Film Studio Technician - School of Motion Picture Arts

    Bio coming soon

    jack-s-150Jack Silberman
    Instructor - Documentary

    Jack Silberman studied documentary filmmaking at M.I.T. and has a master's degree from the Harvard University Graduate School of Education. He has ma ... [more]

    james-w-150James Wallace
    CSC, MFA
    Instructor - MPP/Documentary

    James has worked as a camera operator on numerous Hollywood blockbusters, TV series and commercials, and as a cinematographer on TV series and indep ... [more]

    John PenhallJohn Penhall
    DGC, BA, MA
    Instructor - Motion Picture Arts

    John has worked in the Vancouver film industry since 1985 and has been teaching film to post-secondary students since 2009.  John has worked as  ... [more]

    julian-150Julian Bruce
    Bosa Centre Technical Supervisor - School of Motion Picture Arts

    Julian has studied within the School of Motion Picture Arts and the Business Administration programs at Capilano University. He has worked in numerous ... [more]

    karen-150Karen Matthews
    Coordinator Film Crafts/Instructor - Costuming for Stage & Screen

    Karen Matthews has designed for film, television, theatre, opera and dance for over 28 years. As a film Costume Designer she has designed both featu ... [more]

    ki-150Ki Wight
    Instructor - Motion Picture Arts

    Ki has held positions such as producer, production manager, story consultant, and development and business affairs executive on feature films, televis ... [more]

    Kim Bothen 150Kim Bothen
    Instructor - Costuming for Stage & Screen

    Kim has more than 20 years of experience as a costumer in the entertainment industry. She has been involved in a diverse range of organizati ... [more]

    mthoma-150Michael Thoma
    Chair/Instructor - School of Motion Picture Arts

    Michael has worked in Vancouver and Los Angeles as a writer, story editor, author and educator. His produced screenplays include Primal Force (UPN-Par ... [more]

    Michael van den BosMichael van den Bos
    Instructor - School of Motion Picture Arts

    Since 2007, Michael van den Bos has been teaching the History of Character Animation in the Commercial Animation Department at Capilano University.  M ... [more]

    michelle-150Michelle Mason
    Instructor - Documentary Program/Instructor - Motion Picture Arts

    Michelle Mason is an award-winning independent documentary filmmaker from Vancouver. Michelle began her career in international journalism, working  ... [more]

    Murray StillerMurray Stiller
    Director - School of Motion Picture Arts

    Director of the Bosa Centre for Film and Animation, Murray is an accomplished picture editor, sound designer, and composer/music teacher. He was one o ... [more]

    Nick Kendall
    Coordinator & Instructor - School of Motion Picture Arts

    Bio coming soon

    Peter Romer
    Instructor - School of Motion Picture Arts

    (Nisga'a nation) graduated from Capilano College's Motion Picture Program in North Vancouver. He has worked as a full-time Producer on the trailblazin ... [more]

    Phillip DjwaPhillip Djwa
    BA, MFA
    Instructor - School of Motion Picture Arts

    Phillip Djwa BA, MFA is a creative technologist and interactive strategist with more than 20 years experience in design, digital media and film/TV. He runs Agentic Digital Media, which is focused on social change and progressive organizations as well as film and TV. He has won awards in both his artistic practice and his professional work at Agentic. Djwa is also very engaged in supporting the arts, social change and a free and open Internet. Working with students is a pleasure and he very much enjoys sharing his experience.​

    Scott Aitken
    Instructor - Motion Picture Arts

    Bio coming soon

    seanna-150Seanna McPherson
    Instructor - School of Motion Picture Arts

    Seanna McPherson has worked as a producer, director, and assistant director in film and television. Documentary producer credits include award-winning ... [more]

    Seng Lau
    Instructor - 3D Animation for Film and Games

    Seng is a graduate of the Commercial and Digital Animation programs at Capilano University. Seng has been working in the animation industry for ma ... [more]

    ty-150Ty Haller
    Instructor - School of Motion Picture Arts

    Ty began professional film work as an MGM contract actor in 1967 and spent the next 21 years working as an actor/screenwrite /assistant director - in  ... [more]