Alumni Testimonials

  • Rachael Dolina 2 

     “This program has opened my world to a lifestyle I've always dreamed of! It has given me the education to be a leader in the world, has taught me the skills to live an outdoor lifestyle, but more importantly, has given me the confidence to make my dream come true. I have found myself! The faculty and staff have become my new family. And when they say no experience required, trust me, they mean it... I'm living proof!”

    - Rachael Dolina, Outdoor Recreation Management 2012  

    Chris Rhodes 2 

    “By the time I gradated I was a certified sea kayaking and river-rafting guide. These certifications have allowed me to guide in amazingly beautiful and challenging natural arenas around the world. Through guiding and the Outdoor Recreation Management Program I have connected with a network of people around the world who share my passion for the outdoors. The instructors are amazing leaders and true roll models who inspire students to look deeper and push harder. I believe it is important to have mentors and people you look up too for guidance and leadership and I found leaders at Cap who challenged and inspired me.  So many opportunities have come my way through the Outdoor Recreation Management Program at Capilano University, and I don’t know where I would be without them!”    

    - Chris Rhodes, Outdoor Recreation Management 2006

    Natashcaa Chatterton 2 

    “The Outdoor Recreation Management Program helped me to understand what I am truly capable of, and that the mountains that lay before me can be climbed with the use of focus, teamwork, belief and support. I have discovered my path, my journey and my happiness. I have learned, through amazing teachers, to find marvel at the tiniest of actions, creatures and interactions. I have learned skills. I have learned to look deeper. I have learned to wonder and meet that curiosity with a question, and find the answer. I have learned that no matter what the dream is, I can grab it. I have learned what it means to be me!”     

    - Nataschaa Chaterton, Outdoor Recreation Management 2006

    Matt Desbrisay 2  

    "I want to thank you, with great sincerity, for providing me with one of the greatest opportunities that I have ever had … becoming a student at Capilano in such a great program.  In the past four years I have experienced a ton of personal growth, and much of it is a direct result from my experiences in the Outdoor Recreation Diploma and Tourism Degree programs."     

    - Matt DesBrisay, Outdoor Recreation Management 2005, Bachelor Tourism Management 2007