Music Diploma Program Student Learning Outcomes

    • Demonstrate the ability to hear, identify and work conceptually with the melodic, harmonic and rhythmic elements of tonal music, including sight-reading, keyboard proficiency and analysis, and to use these skills to solve musical problems and evaluate the way music is shaped by artistic movements and cultural forces
    • Demonstrate a working knowledge of music history and literature and the development of musical forms and genres from the Western art tradition up to the present time including the aural recognition of styles, forms and genres
    • Demonstrate research skills and an ability in written communication and critical inquiry appropriate to third-year university level of study
    • Competently perform repertory appropriate to third-year university entry level as individuals and as members of ensembles, utilizing skills and knowledge gained from the learning outcomes in theory, musicianship skills, keyboard skills and music history
    • Demonstrate familiarity with music technology in its various forms for composition and scholarly pursuits