Alumni Testimonials


    Being in the Music Diploma has been a great experience. I have met some of the most sincere professors who will give their best to help any student to go forward with their music career. The two years I spent at Capilano had allowed me to grow as a student, as a musician and just as important, as a person. I sincerely thank the whole faculty of the program because if it wasn't for them, and the opportunity to grow, I wouldn't have been able to further my passion and career in music.

    Luis Angel Medina Rodriguez (Class of 2013) 

    The years I spent at Capilano University will be some of the most memorable and important years of my life. In the friendly and inspiring environment I was able to focus and really learn a lot. While studying music at Capilano my playing and performance skills, and overall musicality improved greatly.  Not only are the instructors at Capilano University incredibly enthusiastic about music and teaching, they really love to see their students progressing.  It is exciting to be in a place where both the teachers and students are extremely passionate about music.

                                                                                                                   Matthew Silverman (Class of 2010)

    I am so happy I chose Capilano to begin my post-secondary music studies.  Not only did I feel completely comfortable in the small classes, I was given countless opportunities that wouldn't have been possible if I attended any larger institute.  The music faculty is excellent, and I really love how they get to know everyone personally and offer one on one attention tailored to individual needs.  With their support, I grew so much, musically.  I made some wonderful friends and memories, and learned a lot here, and I feel very prepared for transferring.

    Karen Nakajima (Graduate 2008)