Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I find out more about Vancouver and British Columbia?

    Capilano University is located on the slopes of the coastal mountains, in North Vancouver, only 30 minutes from downtown Vancouver.

    Vancouver is a clean, safe and very beautiful city on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada.

    For more information, please see Vancouver and British Columbia links.

    Where can I find accommodation?

    Capilano University is now accepting applications from eligible full-time students for residences at 2420 Dollarton Highway in North Vancouver. Housing is a mix of shared and single accommodation for approximately 250 students that will open on September 1. Included will be a meal plan.

    Other housing options include host families or rental accommodation that can be found within easy travelling distance. It is advisable to arrive early to arrange suitable accommodation.

    There are three main options: 

    Do you have a library, computer lab, sports facility and other services?

    Yes, check out our campus life and support services for students. The EAP Department has a state-of-the-art Computer-Assisted Language Learning lab.

    Will I need to buy textbooks?

    Yes, you will need to buy textbooks for most EAP courses. Your instructor will give you a list of required textbooks on the first day of classes.

    Textbooks are available at the Capilano University bookstore. You can expect to pay a total of $150 to $300 per term for new EAP course textbooks if you are studying all three skill areas (grammar & writing, reading & vocabulary, speaking & listening).

    Used textbooks are sometimes available at a lower price from the Student Union office at the beginning of each term. Go to the Student Union website for more information.

    Will I need medical insurance?

    It is very important that all students have health insurance for the entire time they are studying at Capilano University. Without health insurance, you could pay thousands of dollars for a hospital stay and even be refused certain services.

    For students who will be living in British Columbia longer than 6 months, you will be expected to apply for BC Medical Services Plan (MSP) upon arriving in BC. There is a 3 month waiting period for newcomers to BC before medical coverage will take effect and you should have temporary health insurance for the duration of this 3 month waiting period.

    During this period, students are required to purchase private interim coverage provided by Guard.Me. The costs of this plan are $2.00 per day. The number of days is calculated by: the balance of days in their arrival month, plus the days in the subsequent two months. The Centre for International Experience registers students for this plan.

    Detailed information for students about health and dental insurance (pdf)

    What are your cancellation and refund policies?

    Generally, if you request a fee refund before the Add/Drop Period, you will receive a 100% refund. 

    The Add/Drop Period is usually the first two weeks of classes. 

    If you request a fee refund during the Add/Drop Period, you will normally receive an 80% refund. 

    If yo request a fee refund after the Add/Drop Period, you will normally receive no refund. 

    Please keep in mind that administration fees and deposits are usually not refunded. 

    Fee refund policies often change.  For detailed information, please visit the Fee Refund page.



    What happens after I apply?

    Once we receive your application, application fee, and transcripts it will take about two to three weeks for you to receive a reply. When you receive your letters of admission to the University, you will receive a letter from the EAP Department advising you when and where to take the EAP Placement Test.

    How do I apply?

    For more information, please visit the How to Apply page.

    We also have a section specifically for International Students.

    How old do I have to be to study at Capilano University?

    There is no minimum age requirement if a student has graduated from high school.

    How much does it cost?

    Tuition, Fees, and Fee Payment


    Domestic Students

    End of Tuition-Free EAP/ESL Starting May, 4, 2015

    For Domestic EAP students, please visit for more information. Note that 3 credits equals 4 hours of classes per week in EAP. 

    International Students

    If you are an international student, you will be charged a reduced international tuition rate for EAP courses below the EAP 100/101 level. For EAP 100 and EAP 101, the standard international tuition rate will be charged. In addition, you must pay student fees. For more information, see Capilano's fee page at  On that page, click on the link "Course Schedule and Fees Search."

    For your reference:

    EAP Course Number of Credits Number of EAP Hours per Week
    for 14 Weeks of Class
    EAP 050, 060, 070, or 080 15.00 20
    EAP 090 12.00 16
    EAP 100/101 6.00 8



    Examples of student fees are: term enrollment fee, Student Union membership, Student Union building fee, student newspaper fee, U-Pass, and Health and Dental Plan. These fees are mandatory for all students enrolled in three credits or more. Tuition and Student Fee rates can vary. For the latest, most accurate information, please read the Fees & Fee Payment Page at

    How long are EAP courses?

    EAP courses are 15 weeks long, including one week for final exams. There are three terms per year: September to December, January to April, and May to August.

    EAP 050, 060, 070, and 080 courses are full time and meet 20 hours per week.

    EAP 090 meets for 16 hours per week.

    EAP 100 and EAP 101 are usually taken together. The two classes combined meet for 8 hours per week.

    In addition, at the EAP 090 and EAP 100/101 levels, students who qualify may take 1-2 academic courses at Capilano University.

    Attending all classes is required.

    When can I start taking regular academic (non-ESL) courses? What score on TOEFL or other tests do I need?

    Most students coming to Capilano University directly from high school in their home country with good grades in English can expect to study EAP courses for a minimum of two terms in order to acquire the necessary skills for success in University Transfer (UT), Career or Vocational Programs.

    EAP Bridge Programs (EAP-Plus & EAP Pathway)

    Many students who test into or achieve the Capilano Academic English Preparation levels (EAP 090 and EAP 100/101) take EAP courses and university transfer (UT) courses at the same time. This option is available to students who have excellent grades in EAP as well as a TOEFL or other test score that meets the entrance requirement for the University's university transfer (UT) or School of Business programs:

    Specific Testing Requirements for Admission into EAP Bridge Programs
    TestMinimum Score Required for Admission to
    EAP 090 "Plus" or "Pathway" Programs
    Minimum Score Required for Admission to
    EAP 100/101 "Plus" or "Pathway" Programs
    TOEFL67 (Internet based)71 (Internet based)
    IELTS5.5 overall with no component score lower than 5.06.0 overall with no component score lower than 5.5

    Students who complete EAP 100 and EAP 101 with a B+ grade will satisfy the Capilano University English Language requirement for academic studies. See English Language Requirement for more details.

    How do I know what level of English I should study?

    After applying to and being accepted by the University, your name will be sent to the EAP Department. The EAP Department will send you a letter asking you to come for the EAP Placement Test. The test usually takes four and a half to five hours, including breaks. The results of this test will indicate your level of English and the appropriate EAP courses for you.

    Is there an English requirement to study EAP?

    Students are required to have had some previous English study as we do not have beginner level courses. EAP classes start at the lower intermediate level. All students must be tested before they can register in the EAP program.

    The University requires an EAP Placement Test.


      How can I get a Study Permit? How long will it take to get it?

      When you are admitted to Capilano University, you will be mailed a letter of admission and a form from Citizenship and Immigration Canada. You take these documents to a Canadian embassy, consulate or high commission to apply for a Study Permit and a Temporary Resident Visa (if citizens from your country require a visa to enter Canada).

      Once you submit a complete application for a Study Permit, it will usually take between four to six weeks. However, it sometimes takes much longer, so it's best to check with the Canadian embassy and apply as soon as possible for your Study Permit (and Temporary Resident Visa, if needed).

      Can I study ESL with a Visitors visa?

      Yes, international students can study ESL with a Visitors visa but only for 1 term (4 months). We recommend that students apply for a Study Permit before coming to Canada. Usually a Study Permit allows 2 years of study.

      Please see the International Students page.

      When do courses start? When do I need to apply?

      ESL courses start in September, January and May. You should apply to the University as soon as possible to ensure that you have enough time to apply for a Study Permit and a Temporary Resident Visa (if required) to come to Canada.

      For more information for Canadian Citizens and Landed Immigrants, visit the How to Apply page.

      For more information for International Students, visit the Guide for International Students page.