Fees & Payment

  • Domestic Students

    For Domestic EAP students, please note that all EAP courses with the exception of EAP 100/101 will be charged at the rate of $113.19 per credit hour.  Note that 3 credits equals 4 hours of classes per week in EAP.

    EAP 100/101 will continue to be charged at the standard tuition for other 100 level and above courses. $127.21 per credit hour. Please see Tuition and Other Fees for more information. International Students

    If you are an international student, you will be charged a reduced international tuition rate for EAP courses below the EAP 100/101 level. For EAP 100 and EAP 101, the standard international tuition rate will be charged. In addition, you must pay student fees. For more information, see Capilano's Fees & Fee Payment pages

    Please note:  Admission/Readmission Fees, Incidental Fees and Special Service Fees will also be charged.