EAP Placement Test

  • EAP - Placement Test

    After your EAP application is accepted, the English for Academic Purposes Department needs to know which level is appropriate for you.  For this reason, we ask students to take the EAP Placement Test before beginning their studies in the EAP program. The results of this test will be used to place you into the best EAP level for you.

    Normally, you must make an appointment to take the EAP Placement Test. The placement test is given at Capilano University in North Vancouver. There are several test dates you can choose from before an academic term begins.

    To register for your EAP Placement Test, please click on   EAP Placement Test  . The EAP Department will contact you by email with information regarding test fee payment, important university dates, a campus map and EAP program information.

    Please pay $50 for the test at the Cashier’s office in the Birch Building, 2nd floor, room BR 214 before writing the test.

    Your test results will be available within one week after you take the test. Then, at the registration session, you will register in the suggested level.The EAP office will contact you about your results and about the date of the registration session.

    The Capilano University English Placement Test contains four parts:

    1. Writing and Grammar (45 minutes)
      You will be given a topic. Please write a well-organized and fully developed essay of approximately 200-250 words. 
    2. Listening (45 minutes)
      You will listen to a recorded test and mark answers on an answer sheet. Questions begin with simple picture identification statements and progress to questions about recorded conversations.   
    3. Reading and Vocabulary (45 minutes)
      You will work from a booklet that begins with answering simple statements and progresses to answering  longer passages. It is important to remember that questions get more difficult as
       the test goes on, so later questions take more time to answer. Be sure to budget your time 
    4. Speaking:  Interview (approximately 10 minutes)
      You will meet with one of our EAP instructors and have a short conversation with him/her. Your pronunciation, fluency, grammar, vocabulary and listening comprehension will be assessed.

      *Short (15-minute) breaks will be given between some of the tests.
      The EAP test starts at approximately 8:45 am and finishes by about 1:30 pm. We encourage you to bring a picture ID, pen, and placement test confirmation letter on the day of your placement test. No electronics are to be used during testing.

    In planning for your placement test at Capilano University, you may wish to consider coming to Vancouver at least a few days before the test. Long plane travel is very tiring, and it often takes a few days to recover a sharp mind.

    We have a shop that sells coffee, tea and pastries, but you may wish to bring a small snack with you, instead, if you would like refreshments during break times.